Thursday, 11 July 2013

School Diaries

   Anyeong!!!!!! Hahaha. I badly miss Simply Kpop so much. Anyway!!!!! I love repeating letters and exclamation points so much!!!!! I discovered it when I was still in second year haha that's my pagkakakilanlan minsan! Sorry sorry mecka mecka pajak pajak whatever the lyrics are, sorry if I'm a little bit different now. It's my first time to blog using my cellular phone! 


  It's my first time to wear our uniform. I haven't brought it to a tailor shop for the repair thing. Tomorrow or on weekends maybe.

  That's why it's so loose!!!  I don't care, I LOVE IT!! Haha. Ewan ko ha? Pero natatawa ako na naflaflattered. Pag akyat ko ng stairs, tinginan lahat eh. Kasi nga nakauniform! Haha basta parang opposite style ng Debut! I was going up pero diba sa debut ay the other way around? Nababa. Hay. Haha!

  I realized, I like white uniforms. Inlove na nga ako sa amin what more yung mga all white talaga like Medtechs and Pharma people? Medyo nagsisisi. Haha! Akala ko kasi talaga, magiging Nurse ako. Well, dreams change!


  After a thousand years, finally!!! :( It's really hard from me to be away from her. I mean we grew up together ever since. Even though we moved away a year ago, I'm still not used to it. I can't wait for our upcoming bondings.... Superb excitement! It's gonna be GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN GALORE MOMENTS. :")

  Excuse my pimples. I don't know where the hell I got those. Our family in both sides aren't having these meanie creatures naman. Shit :( Can somebody please tell me on how to erase them in my life? Pretty please? ( Ang please khit lagyan mo ng pretty, please pa din yan! -kean hahaha I miss 3 words :< ) Nagsisisi na talaga ako. Ako kasi yung, paano kaya kung ako yun. Noon, naisip ko. Ano kaya feeling ng madaming pimples? FCK :( I'm gonna die now. Hahahahha! Aw sorry for those harsh thoughts! I forgot I only blog happy thoughts :))

  Meet Kleinel Arago. She's a freelance model. She's definitely pretty! She's also funny too. I swear, she's the type of girl who always eats! Pero di daw talaga siya tumaba. Jelly ako! Haha. She's not single para sa mga boys kung readers! May boys pa kaya akong mambabasa? Hay :( Natutuwa talaga ako kapag nagcocomment sila na "Uy palitan mo naman background mo!" "Uy di maganda yung outfit mo sa blog mo." Haha! I realized, hindi talaga plastic ang mga guys! 

  Parlor galore owned by Richmon Datingaling a.k.a MONI :) Moni is definitely my ka-uri. Imma girl and she's too! We're team mates in studying too! I mean we don't cheat. We just give a big value to our studies! I got a high score from our math prelims! It's my first time to receive a 94% grade. I'm not bragging because I think if my old classmates are here? Well, they will get 100% scores. I'm not saying that my classmates aren't smart like them. I'm just proud to say that I'm lucky to come from a good foundation in high school. St. Bridget College provided me a lot of lessons especially in acads. Okay, to tell you honestly parang yung mga given ay quiz lang namin noon. *winks* except for the bonus question! Ep talaga yun. Let me tell you. 
Mary's father has five daughters. Nana, Nene, Nini, Nono. Who's the fifth? 
My what the heck answer?! 


I will not tell the right answer if you too are slow just like me. Haha. To tell you honestly, I didn't spend a plenty of time answering it. Sobrang worried ako sa true or false. My weakness! Pero, endorse lang ako. Kapag high school talaga guys at may mga anak na tayo in the future, don't hesistate to trust SBC! Kasi I have checked a lot of yearbooks from my aunties napansin ko na konti ang nageelem at college dun. Sa High school lang talaga crowded. Ngayon, alam ko na ang sagot sa mga tanong kong mga iyon in the past. Let your light shine :)

  Meet the hair stylist assistant, Andrea Caseda. Gaganda ng customer ni moni today ah? Hahaha! Jk. Kasama kasi ako hahahhaa that's why medyo naging bias.

  Pag walang prof!!!! hahhaaha naadik ako sa 2Fuse. Dati ko pa alam pero ngayon lang naisipang idownload dahil sa ipad ni Joice :)))) 

  Our NatSci prof who always skips my index card everytime he'll call for the attendance. IT ALWAYS HAPPENS. At first, I raised my hands. Second time? I LET IT PASSED. I'm so annoyed. HAHAHA. Anyway!!!! He brought this little squeashy whitey baby girl. I like her shorts too! It's like from tumblr photos we used to see! Yung mga pang summer styles! Basta it's cool tapos she's wearing barbie shoes pa. I missed my old barbie shoes. :( 

  It's another good day. Good friends + High Score in math + my 3rd year crush.... Omfg!!!! They went to our room to distribute the school's paper! Omg I just died!!!!! I was playing 2Fuse and my world stops for a while!!! hahahhahaha He's really handsome and cute and shy and nice and omg my dream guy. He's not that tall. Hahaha. I think he's still taller than me. Not bad! Omg. My super crush. He gave the newspapers to me..... promise haaha pero walang dugdug effect. Pang kay ano lang yun eh :( Pero ngayon ko lang narealize! Ang tagal ng pagbibigay ni Kuya sa akin. Feeling ko kung hindi ko binaba agad kamay ko di yun bibitawan! hahahhaa ewan or baka nagstop lang talaga mundo ko. Aw. Bagay yung song na... WHAT DAY IS IT? AND IT WHAT MONTH THIS CLOCK NEVER SEEMS SO ALIVE... CAUSE IT'S YOU AND ME AND ME AND ALL OF THE PEOPLE AND NOTHING TO LOSE NOTHING BUT YOU.... :""") 
Thankyou for reading my blog today! I hope I tickled your hearts! I love you all!