Monday, 8 July 2013

Black is beautiful

  Yeah! I'm back, ready to rock the blogging world again and again!! Our preliminary tests are almost over. ALMOST only because we'll start tomorrow ( Yes!!! Pa lang! ) our first meeting in Accounting. Hurray! I really hope I'll get good scores from the 5 subjects we took! haha 

  I wore this yesterday. I decided to opt for a whole black ootd. Wala lang, tamang papansin lang sa classroom. Haha. "Uy black na black!" :P This is how I roll... especially when I'm bored! Even though I have lots of to do's, I still feel bored most of the time. I don't know why? Why not ask those psychologists? Haha I don't like our test on that subject. Math na lang tayo :) I don't like Filipino too! I familiarized myself from the dates but it ended with Articles and Sections from the law. I didn't expect it! :(

  I can't wait to unwind!!!! I need time for happy hours with my trusted friends and family. Maybe next week. Hopefully!! I miss my bestfriends, my cousins and aunties, my father... I miss my tumblr. I miss my boring life. Let's just sing "Kung ika'y tatawa, ako pa kaya'y iyong makita? Oh chinitooooo!" Haha. Someday, I'll post related to it! Just not now! So my plans today are to write something for my journal, have an advance reading in Accounting and stay on screens!!!! :) 

  Leaving you this note I saw from my tumblr feeds. It's actually Julia Baretto's reblogged thing. Haha. This is what exactly in my mind. ;) Yup, last Friday... something awesome happened. Let me asked you something amazing too. What will you do if the man you only love is unfortunately married? HAHAHA Nah just kidding! I mean what will you feel if the guy you used to like for a long time sang your favorite song ( plus it's the song that you prepared in your mind too! haha bahala kayo pag di nyo nagets. ) Nothing, it's so strange and one in a million chance for me. I realized that our soulmates are everywhere! Yep, because I remembered another situation. It happened a year ago. Our teacher asked everybody to prepare for words and everything. I was so shocked when this girl told me... Patrice, ang galing parehas kayong may word na juxtapose sa papel nyo.  Let's get into the details. Juxtapose is a minsanang word lang. Kayo ba alam nyo juxtapose? :P  Another thing, I think I'm the first person to tell the guy that word hahaha sobrang noon pa ng mga happenings na ito, i swear.  It only means the one you have loved/ loved is your real soulmate. It doesn't mean that soulmates and destiny are the same. Parang equal at equivalent lang yon sa Math. Lahat ng destiny ay soulmate pero HINDI LAHAT NG SOULMATES ay destiny.  What a good realization I guess. I think all of you are wondering now... :) Yiiieeeeee. I still believe it's cool! Not everyone can be your soulmate, just SOME. I love you all! Thanks for dropping by! I hope you'll forever comeback!