Friday, 12 July 2013

Thoughts at a corner: My Definition of Happiness

  If I have thoughts on paper from my tumblr, I'm now introducing you the newest segment just right here in my blog!! Haha Do you miss reading my SYML portion? ( For my new readers, it's the so called Song syou might love! It's where I blog all about my favorite songs I see from MTV, MYX, Simply KPOP, jeepneys, outside and wherever. ) I'm in cloud 9 right now!!!!!!!!!! I don't know. It's just that I don't have a problem... I mean nothing. Nevermind, you might not get it! Haha. Since I'm happy, I'll share few things that make me happy in my everyday life! :) :)

1. My life as a whole, God. I'm may not be religious person but I believe in him. Sometimes, I asked myself what If I was born a baby and I died immediately? What if my Parents didn't meet? What if's are always in my mind. I'm very thankful that I'm still alive and breathing ( not barely! haha erase those lyrics from Breakeven in your mind, guys. Hahahahaha. ) I have read a quote from twitter. " Life is God's gift to you, the way you live it is your gift to God." Nuff said. :)

2. My inspiration in life, my family. I'm very close to my Dad even though he's living in a far far away land just to provide us the things we need. I miss him. I'll see him in few more months, maybe half a year or more. While my mom is my real twin in physical and yes emotionally! I got my tears-so-shallow trait from her especially while watching teleseryes. I swear. :((( Hahahaha. My brother? My mortal enemy. HAHA. We used to be closed, we're still close! Close in fighting. Pero hindi ko na naman pinapatulan, ngayon. You know, everyday life thing! :)) 

3. Ofcourse, why would I forget my friends?! All of you are my friends. Haha. I have two major bestfriends, one frenemy sister, fashion bffs, barkada, blockmates and everything. I think I won't go into the details because there's so much things to say. I'm just happy even though I'm not good enough, I have still my friends whom I can be with! Kaway kaway mga friends!!!! hahaha 

4. My love, studies. I'm nervous for the upcoming results from our prelims on other subjects. Right now, I'm contented with the two subjects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shall I tell you? ^____^V Kyaaaaaaah! Clue: I got both line of 9's in Math and Filipino! Math is higher than Filipino. Filipino is the hardest subject for me so I felt really happy! Math naman is the EASIEST. HAHAHAHAHA. I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M SAYING THIS TO YOU. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH I CRIED FOR THIS SUBJECT EVER SINCE I'M IN ELEMENTARY!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY IN GEOMETRY. I REALLY CRIED FROM MY LOW EXERCISE. 

  My advice to those who experience this "FUCK MATH" thing, DON'T STRESS YOURSELVES TOO MUCH. That was my big mistake when I was young-er. Haha. When I feel hardtimes, I suffer too much. I mean, masyado kong kinacareer na mahirap nga. Pwede namang tropa tropa chill lang. Hahaha! Kung mababa, alamin bakit nangyari. Kumain. Matulog. Magtwitter and all. Pag malapit ng mag-test, alamin by heart. Nasa practice din yan, wag kang mag-aaral sa Math na tingin tingin lang pag may time. My gosh. Kahit walang sauluhin sa Math, maglaan ka naman kahit an hour. Tapos kapag test na, like what happened to me. Napa-pakshet na lang ako. Haha. Hindi ko muna sinagutan. Sinabi ko lang sa sarili ko, "Kalma Patrice. Hindi yan aalis!" So sagot sagot sa iba. Back to that Venn diagram thing. There, I calmly and peacefully answered... Hindi ko talaga alam gagawin. Yung alam mo pero di mo magawa?! Medyo gusto ko ng manggaya. Pero shet, sino niloko ko? Hahaha. Mahuli pa ako. Ew. So tinitigan ko na talaga ng bongga. Inisa-isa ko. At.....
DRUM ROLL. Hindi ko nakita yung sa baba! Shet let's do this!!!!!! Write, write, write. :)
There... don't stay too much on your problems. Pray also. Tinawag ko na talaga lahat ng santo noon. Haha. Aba, baka magsalita. Ayun, mahal na mahal ko yung mga moment na nag lilight bulb sa utak ko talaga. Priceless. Don't cheat kids ha! Pwede magcheat dun lang sa P6 Assignment!! hahahaha :)

  My dream brand, Chanel. My favorite singer, Rihanna. My dream hair color, blonde. FASHION. If I'll be given a chance to work someday, ofcourse... kung naghahanap ang Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Alexander McQueen, H&M, Forever 21, SM and etc. ng accountant?! PLEASE PO, LET ME BE THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Girl's happiness? Simply as nail art! I love painting my own nails. Haha. I just don't use loud ones during school days. 

She's so cute, right? I love kids. I want to have a little sister... my wish that my parents never granted me. Hayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Memories are forever. It may be forgotten in mind, it will stay forever in our hearts! <3 

Everybody loves playing with Dogs, I guess? Especially with the cutest one!!!!!! Tonya and Mickey forever!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

  Soup!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read from a story that hot soups make humans happy. I tried it! It's really effective. As in yung close pa mata ha! hahahaha But I don't like noodles. Mine is galing sa Paksiw and Nilagang Pork. :3

My baby, my blog. This is where I put anything. Not everything! I'm telling you, this is just a corner piece of my universe! Every view from you says I love you! I love you too!!!!!!!!!! Sana may gwapo akong reader para, para paraan! hahaha naalala ko yung Kuya Crush ko kanina sa Corridor ng Cabeihm. Gwapo forever. Parang alam nga!!!!!! Or feelingera lang!!! Hihihi sa tumblr na lang :)

You're not a girl if you haven't encountered this, Wattpad! Yup, I was surprised madami na pala talagang watty people sa mundo. It's so amazing!!!!!!!!!!! My favorites are,
1. Facebook Boyfriend For Real
2. Talk back and you're dead
3. Three Words Eight Letters
4. She's Dating the Gangster
5. My Prince
6. Voiceless
7. Secretly Married
8. 6 Month Rule
etcccccccccccccc! So many -____- I'm currently reading 100 steps to his heart by my favorite author, Girlinlove. Check it out. :)

  Happiness is everywhere. It starts from appreciating little things. If you expect big things to come your way, it will just disappoint you! Don't forget that life has its downs too! It's not always a good time ( contradict natin yung song na Goodtime! haha ) You'll never realize what happiness is if you don't experience sadness. Tama o Mali? :) Tango tango din pag may time! We have different versions of our cloud 9 moments. Ofcourse because we have different lives. I just shared mine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou for reading! 3k views let's do this! I love you all! :)