Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Girl's day-out!

  Holla everyone! Just got home from MOA. Yup, you heard it right. It was an unplanned gala for us. I was out the whole day too. Don't get me wrong, I already did my assignments! hihi! I just have to study my past lessons! :)) Forgive me if the photos here in my blog isn't organized. I have no time to arrange them one by one! I'll just describe them! :)

  OOTD! It's only my second time to wear this top because basically, i find it hard to pair with other tops because it's so revealing! This vest is very versatile! I swear, it always compliments my clothes. One of my best investments ever. The weather in Manila today is damn cold. I don't know. It's so cold, i was really shaking while eating our late 2nd lunch! haha

  My other half. She's my bestfriend, my cousin and everything. Hihi! I sound cheesy? Her birthday is coming. I need to find a cheap gift hahaha medyo nagtitipid!

Me after I bought a half dozen of Jco.

  Meet the younger versions of Vern and Verniece! Hehehehehehe. Medyo feeler. Pero totoo naman. Kasi, me kahit magunaw ang Mars, si Vern talaga kahit alam kong mas maganda Vern pa rin while si Jen, makaVerniece talaga! 

  Isn't she lovely? Isn't i'm lovelier? HAHAHAHAHA Just kidding!

  Stuck in line @ Jco. That moment na may sobrang sweet na couple sa harap nyo? Foreigner yung guy. Wtf. Medyo napag-usapan na magdidivorce din yan because usually ang mga foreigners eh never nagtatagal sa relationship! Medyo judgemental! Hahaha.

 Yummy maki from Kimono Ken! 

 While waiting for our food! 

Forever 21 is <3

@ Kimono Ken

   Jen and I! 

  I bought a new lipstick from Etude House! Tangerine! Yeah, I'm trying a new shade. YEAH. It's my second time to buy my own branded lipstick. I swear, it emptied my savings but they're just so irresistible. I believe, I gotta treat myself once in a while. :)

 One of the vain people I know on Earth. HAHAHA. Jen loves California Maki! 


  I swear that's the last time I'll order a lot. Hindi ko kasi lagi nauubos. Medyo nagsasayang sa pera. Joke. Nakakaumay kasi. Medyo wag kayo oorder nito. Hahahaha. 

  Our rich banker. This gala wouldn't be possible without this pretty lady. It was her treat. Thankyou so much Ate. Thankyou for the day and telling us a lot of things! You're such a good inspiration. Mwaa <3

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I love this photo of us!


I really have a long hair. HMMMM.


  Leaving you this last photo! Kisses to all my loyal readers! Wuff you all! Mwaaaa! I swear, I had so much today. Being with co-dalaga's hahaha is really an achivement. I left our house alone, I arrived alone too. It's worth it. I learned a lot even though nung pauwi na, it went scary. Well, it's late and Imma girl! I hope you understand these paranoid moments! HAHAHA! There. It was a happy Tuesday for me after all! Happy 44th Batangas City Foundation Day to all Batanguenos! Woohoo! Long live! Classes again tomorrow. Dream big and work on it!

Patricia <3