Thursday, 29 August 2013

Blogging 101

  Happy Thursday because we don't have classes tomorrow! Don't drop that thun thun ~~ oh yeah! We have graded recitation on accounting that's why I party like this! Hahahaha! Could you imagine, we didn't meet our professor in that subject the whole week? Just good luck to our future lives, right? =)) Anyway, I just changed the look of my baby blog! Don't you love it? Don't you love my signature logo from now on? Erwan Heussaff inspired logo! I'm so happy because yeah, I'm satisfied enough. Actually, last week I promised to change my blog look, right? It's so cheapity kasi. Haha! I miss my second year life where cheapity existed! You tired of being a reader? Wanna have forever habit like this? Why don't you make your own blog? :)

  I've always wanted to have a black and white header but it always stops me. Black and white is really mainstream. Still, if you want a safe and sound look, black and white never goes out of style. It's like a Diamond (yes, because they are forever!). Probably, this one is the hardest portion to create in a blog. My advice is to search for inspirations but don't dwell too much on them because remember, "Be your yourself". You would see yourself crashing from the measurements required on your chosen blog site but don't give up. I swear. Haha!! If you're a certified artsy, doesn't mean you have to be on black and white theme too. Explore those colors inside of you! :)

  Your logo or navigator! It requires square figures so goodluck on that! hahaha :p Kidding. Just follow what it says. Resize and crop, just do them regularly! Don't you love my LYV? It's like LV. Loui Vuitton :"> If I'll be that successful someday or if my forever dream [ Forever Dream: To marry the grand son of Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, *New from the list, Sultan of Brunei* (Advice of my Tita Tess.) *Newer from the list, Top 10 richest man in the world ( Advice from Camille habang nag imessage kami hahaha. Sabi niya, Bakit in PH lang? Dapat in the world!) ] They're very supportive, I'm so happy!!! =))) what I'm saying is, I have now the name for my future clothing line that will destroy Chanel, Dior, Guess, Topshop, Forever21, Mango, Prada and etc! LYV. Leaving you voiceless. :p Hahahahaha. I'm so bored., just bear with me! -___-"

The Big QUESTION is...

Still thinking about it? Worry no more because I'll give you the signs of you're into blogging too! :)

  When you got bored from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and etc. ( Anyone who still uses Friendster? Let me tap your shoulders! Wow just wow hahaha ) 

  If you want to scream all of your thoughts that no one has the right to stop you, you might missing the life of being a blogger!!

  This is  a jam-package where everything in your life is connected!

  Yes freedom! Still know your limits. :) When somebody tells you, "Why do you post those kind of thoughts?" Me: Define blog. Get a life, bitch. HAHAHAHAHA. As long as it doesn't hurt others or something's doesn't abide the law, just go lang ng go!!

Enough said! :)

  If you really love what you're doing, you'll be happy! 

  Find your blogging voice but my blog is leaving you voiceless. :()))) This is one of a cool photo ever! XD

  Did you see the signs of being a blogger too? It's time to begin, guys! I suggest to start ofcourse in Blogger! If you're having a hard time, just ask google. It works! Or just ask me! I hope I made you smile today. Thank you for dropping by, this is love! Blogging is love! <3