Thursday, 8 August 2013

Real Talk

  A day without learning is useless. Today, I'll share life lessons I learned today from school. I haven't blog so much about fashion recently. I'll make bawi again next time when our photoshoot really started! I bought a cutie semi-formal skater skirt in Black yesterday! I can't wait to wear it in Sunday!! haha That's one of my great finds! My entry for today isn't about fashion. I don't really consider myself as a fashion blogger, more like Lifestyle blogger! I so much treasure this day because I laughed the whole time. Even if my score in Math isn't that high from my prelims ( not even that low!). I was surprised I still got that score even if I don't receive any bonus scores unlike my lucky classmates who received 10 points as bonus. Shout-out to myself for always not belonging to the blessed groups who win the contest and Ms-Wrong-in-bonus-because-she-has-low-iq ( I promised to read a lot of Brain teasers this time! I can't afford to get the wrong answer again in our Semi-Finals (btw, it's scheduled on September 2. THAT MOMENT THAT YOU HAVE JUST RESTED YOUR ASS? Beach please!!) I just tell myself Girl, that's okay. Atleast you didn't cheat. You didn't hurt anyone. You receive good grade but you know it in yourself that you deserve and need to strive for more. Aja. Magyabang ka na lang na... OY AH WALA PA YUNG BONUS AH. HUMANDA KAYO TALAGA PAG NATAMAAN KO YAN SA SUNOD. RAK! Sorry pero bonus scores are not my thing! Di na kailangan!!! :P *Sigh* deep inside not... </3 hahaha              

  Moni and I are in the middle of pagchichikahan when suddenly my good classmates screamed and shouted "AHHHHHH!" "Omg kumukulog. Friend, takot ako sa kulog!!! AHHH!" - Moni

  Everybody's watching for the lightnings! It was my first time to see the real one! I mean, I just discovered it's true figure ( just like what's we see in pictures! ) and omg it has rainbow colors! I was totally shocked. It's pretty! Nagstatand-out ang violet! Cool enough!! If I was just a little bit closer to the windows, I'll surely include a photo of it ( even if it's impossible. I'll try my best to capture it! hihi). It's unsual for me because on normal days, I don't look at it. I'm scared! The lightnings might reach me. That's quite frightening! yayy or nay? :P It's so funny after all. Monie turned out the lights, it's like omg guys we're like watching a movie... Lightnings series for BSA 1103! hahaha The funny thing is mag-aabang nga kami ng kidlat tapos mag iiritan! Walang magawa much. HAHAHA. Pero ang sarap mag OA OA-an. It's fun!! :)

  My good friend Moni ( I hope she's one of my readers para naman alam niya na nafeature siya! Love you ever Monie!!!! :P ) was so scared. We shared each other's story about kulog and kidlat! haha I remembered the old poem about it when I was still in Kinder 2. HEHEHE. I got a star! :P

  I appreciate teacher who share life lessons in class. Even though sometimes, it's really annoying because they sold their time just sharing and talking about it and leaving us voiceless. CHAROT. That's my blog. I mean they don't teach us (most of the time) acads! Yun pa naman ang recorded. Bago makapagturo sa mismong lesson, aba. 15 minutes para sa real lesson. Tapos madamot magbigay ng bonus sa major exams. Kainis. Like what others say, it's not the score that counts but the learnings from your mistakes! I was moved while listening to our Nat Sci prof. I decided to share it to you because we all deserve to be informed! :)

    That moment na magfrifree cut na kami pero nakasalubong namin si Jude. Grabe, karipas sa tawanan sabay balik! haha. Our professor discussed about TEENAGE PREGNANCY. :O XD Not new. HAHAHA. I want to share all the chikas pero it's not right. HAHAHA. Gossips, isa sa mga kasalanan! Naalala ko nung 2nd year, after school diretso lagi sa Basilica tapos magchichikahan ang Cheesy. Saka marerealize, sa harap pa talaga tayo ng simbahan nagawa ng kasalanan no?! XD

  Be good as much as you can and what's right. Yolo isn't an excuse to do harsh things. 

  Even if some of them did mistakes, it's not right to judge them. They have their own story. They still deserve our respect because they're still humans, they're not perfect after all.

Ang mga girls assuming. Kaya madali kayong nakukuha ng boys dahil easy to get kayo saka iiwan. 
  Don't get attached with words and even through actions. You have to be sure in everything you'll choose. Think of possibilities, remember your responsibilities!

  You won't learn of you don't commit mistakes. It doesn't mean you have to do them always as an excuse. Set your hopes high as long as you live. Don't give up, just stand up! haha

  It's always been you! We are the reason of our mistakes because it's our own lives. Don't blame others because it was you. Everything happens for a reason but you have to tell yourself that you need to grow up from it. At the end of the day, don't forget what I've learned from my elementary friends ( because they used to give me letters including that thought of...) and my father ( na I was shocked na alam niya meaning noon of this word!)

Just Always Pray At Night!
( Since I've been dying of Japan stuffs recently! yayyyyy!) I hope you learned something from me. Thank you for dropping by! Can I pass as one of the writers in my dream ( I can't think of that dream company who offers writers to publish featured writings... hahahaha which means this isn't my dream because if this is my real dream, definitely alam ko to wtf.) 
Patricia <3