Thursday, 1 August 2013

Alas moments 101

  Define "Sayang". I searched for the exact english term for it but I just failed! There's no direct term for it. Now, I appreciate our lesson from Filipino. We do have our own expressions that we can't translate in other language. Yay. Don't tell me it's "regret" because I think it's not the accurate one since  it's a verb. Sayang is an expression but I found "Alas" still not satisfied! :| hahaha. Hay. All I can say is ALAS! I should have not go to school today. I told you guys di ba that 1 subject lang today? Yun pala walang klase sa subject na yun. Just alas!!!! Anyway there's still a baon so no worries at all. HAHAHAHA. You know, I'm such a diligent student, I just wanted to learn things and lessons in life so that I'll reach my biggest dreams, someday! =))) But! Somehow, my friends and I had a long conversations that I'll tell you in the latter part of this blogpost. Stay tuned, never miss a word from me! Don't skip reading. Hihihi. 



" My dalaga na si Patrice" pose! 

My heart, geez. Don't play with it. It's fragile... HAHAHA.

  Influenced by Korean Wave! I love Seoul, so much. I love their fashion styles, the people especially those cuties in that country. HAHAHA. Like what I always tell you, I want to marry a Korean guy someday. HAHAHA. Help me to achieve it!! HAHAHA. See my top? I love Roma! :)) I remembered my aspirant days. HAY. Naalala ko lang yung feeling na i'll wake up so early and have my training tapos nakakapagod tapos maglulunch, while eating gagaya sa Geometry ( Hatest subject. Kaya di ko pi-nush yung course of choice ko nung third year ) tapos mag-aaral sa Social Studies. Fck it lang diba yung peg? Sorry for the word but I just gotta be real! Anyway that's not my main entry. HAHA. I remembered my joke Hay ayaw na ayaw ko talaga mag joke but since benta magjoke yung cousin ko, medyo di ko na kailangang mag research noon. It was my turn, " Bakit daw po maraming bakla sa Roma?" "Officers: Bakit?" "Nandun po kasi ang Papa." Nakakatuwa naman yung mga tumawa. Hahaha. Naalala ko si Mam Iris Andal, may paghampas pa sabay post sa wall ko. =))))) Those days... Omg that's a brand of napkin HAHAHA. 

  Here's my Celeb updates for you. Oh diba, I love everything. Fashion, Life, Stories, even celebrities. HAHA. I think, I'm also qualified as a paparazzi. I told you, I'm pretty much destined to New York City! :P

  My friends awhile ago talked about these celebrities. Them. Derbie. </3 I think they're in stage of MU already. How sweet of Derrick right? He made a surprise for Barbie's birthday before she sleeps! It's sweet but being a lover of Derrick too? NAH HAHAHA SABEH NG LOVER?! =))) Seriously, I don't feel kilig on their tandem. I want the old loveteams of Tween hearts. Derrick and Kylie Padilla na lang ulit kasi. Kaso, Kylie has boyfriend now! Yeah, si Aljur. HAHA. Ang dami kong alam. :D

  I'm a fan of this love team too. They just had their break up last week. I also read the article about their break up sa Pep. Credits to my celebs buddy, Shaira Manalo for the link! :D They went so long. They lasted for 1 year and 5 months. I'm just disappointed na dahil lang sa barkada ni Jake, hindi matanggap ni Bea Binene. Babaw much. Psssh. Tapos ang senti senti niya sa twitter and insta. Panindigan mo yan girl. :))

  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. ALASSSSSSSS. :( 'Nuff said right? Who'd have thought they won't end up together? Ang sakit sa heart. </3 Wala, forever Iya and Drew talaga ako. Last year, I tweeted Iya. "Happy 8th Anniversary to the both of you. Pag kayo nagbreak, di na ako maniniwala sa forever! :p" I WAS REALLY SHOCKED. SHE REPLIED! "Haha :P then believe forever :p" Omg, ikr!

  It's the first day of August. Buwan ng Wika! Dapat maging proud tayo dahil tayo'y mga Pinoy at tayo'y di Kano pero gusto ko maging Koreana. HAHA. Pero whatever happens, iba ang tatak Pinoy. Iba ang happiness. You know you're a Filipino if... kapag sa jeep. Kahit anong sikip ang sasabihin ng driver, "Apat pa. Apat pa." Langya sa saya diba? :)) Pero masaya talaga promise. BWAHAHA. Be proud, that's what can I only say. :) Wish ko masaya ang August, sana matuloy lahat ng catch-ups with old friends! *Cross fingers* for the photoshoot. Can't wait. :) Thanks for dropping by! I hope, you had fun because I had kasi eh. I'm laughing with my own self. Crazyyyy. Hahaha. Happy throwback Thursday as well! <3

Patricia <3