Tuesday, 6 August 2013

As promised!

   I wanna scream and shout because our Midterms are almost done! Yeah, almost because we still have PE, NSTP and sad to say, Psycho. :( Hahaha. Atleast, Math (Omg when will I get the right answer for the bonus part? Ang masakit sa heart... Naisip mo na yung sagot pero naniwala ka sa first mong sagot. What the hell lang diba? Anyway the question is!! If you're in a race and you overtake the second person, what position are you now? Again I won't tell the answer! Just drop your answers and comment!
  As promise, I'll make a change on my blog! Yup, you heard it right. It's under renovation! I'll share you a late post! Here's what I wore last Sunday! In need of new dresses. In ordinary days, I only buy dresses which cost for 300 pesos only yet branded! I can't find one now anymore :( I want to try online shops now. Hayyy! Skater skirts please!

 My flats? Very Vern Enciso! Don't you love Primadonna shoes? Hay. I love everything in that brand! Especially their brand ambassador, Anne Curtis! <3 I bought it for 600 pesos only! It's not on sale, I don't why it's not that cozy unlike their other items. Great finds! 

My leopard bag is a graduation gift from my aunties! They were selling authentic bags way back then. I just don't know if they still do!

  To my helpful readers, just one favor please? Please click this PRETTY PLEASE and write your comment as "Vern and Verniece!" They might go to SM Batangas if we vote them. They were my idols ever since I started blogging. Yes, since 2011. I've been girl-crushing those sisters! They always reply to my tweets and emails. They started from humble beginnings too! Visit their blog here! I know you'll love them too bits! Anyway please don't forget to comment fom the link I mentioned earlier! "Vern and Verniece!" Thankyou so much to those who did! Seeing them will be my another dream come true! HAHAHA Too bad pinalagpas ko si Bai Fern! :( Plus Karla Aguas pa. Yes naman mga idol ko them! HAHAHA.

  Meet Verniece Enciso! She's just 18 years old! Look how pretty! 

  Meet my super duper mega aliooper IDOL! Vern Enciso. They're not twins pero kalokalike sila syempre sisters eh! I believe she's my blogger soulmate! 1. Creating of new blog ( same season!) 2. Coloring of hair into brown ( But I dyed it black again! haha) 3. Lastly, if you're following her in Instagram, she has a photo above with a caption saying "Someday, I'll find my Carl too!" I already tweeted that thought!! 

  For proof!!!! :) Pero nakakatawa yung reply ni Karla, "Oy iba nasa isip mo!" hahahahahaha. It always happen na ako lagi nauuna feeling ko nga si Vern talaga yung may idol sa akin. Ako nauna, siya yung nagaya! Hahaha. Nahhh. I love Ate Vern big time! :)

  The Carl i'm talking about is from a good movie, UP! Someday, someday. Someday doesn't mean NEVER. It means forever and whenever. <3 Again, please comment Vern and Verniece. Early gift for Christmas and my birthday next year hahaha