Friday, 9 August 2013

Here's to never growing up

  If you're living here in Philippines, ( I have readers from abroad too. HAHAHA. If none? Just bear with me since this is my blog. This is my business in a sole proprietorship type! Accounting students can relate! ) we are all grateful that today is consider a holiday since it's the last day of Ramadan of our fellow muslim people. I wonder how it looks like to be in Western Asian Countries like in Dubai. Hay. When will my Paps bring me there kaya? Hahaha. Dad if you're my reader, please, I'll be happy as your 18th birthday gift for me. Yiiee. I want to witness how they do their pag-aayuno because I remember when I'm still in elementary, we used to make fun of doing and copying their pagsamba. Haha. Sorry po :( Plus, I rememebered when I had a fight with my good friend about religion. He has a different religion tho. Basta, iyak ako nun. My momma came, tapos nagpalakpakan mga kaklase ko tapos before noon, iyak ako ng iyak sa cr. Sinundan na ako ng mga bestfriends ko at syempre ni Crush. Sabeh nung panyo niya.  :"> I still remember!!! Anyways, I have to splurge all my thoughts here ( which happens as always hahaha. I think and write too much. I don't care, I love it! haha )

  Life wouldn't be possible without these two girls. I think, I won't survive without them. I treat them the same. I can't lie to them. I can't resist to tell everything I know to them. They always help me in every decisions I choose. Maycy retrieved my twitter account. BIG THANKS TO THAT SOMEONE WHO TRIED TO STEAL IT. I just don't know why it happened. The password is so... ugh. I don't know. HAHA. Karla naman is always there to listen sa lahat lahat. Basta, I don't want to sound cheesy but I'm seriously thankful that I found best of friends!

Hiya pa sila nung una eh. =)))

  We watched Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo too. I swear, it's so funny and yeah cheesy. Kahit ang Pinoy Movies ay puro expected ang mga kaganapan, di mo naman mapipigilang sumigaw sa sobrang kakiligan. Nice one!! haha nakakatawa si Kim Chiu promise. Kahit pinapangit na siya, maganda pa rin! Hahahaha. Tapos ugh, Xian yun eh. Yayyy. I want to watch it again. Libre naman o! :))

@ Bigg's 

Ootd! :">

Biatch for the third photo please?! XD

  Saw Crush 1, 2 and 3! Anyway, sorry I didn't publish this last night. I was so tired and drained. I'm not in good mood right now but I'll publish a blogpost for my Mickey. :( I can't believe what happened to her this morning. HAAAAAAY. Be good everyone. Pray everytime. God will never leave us! <3

P.S. It'a all about growing up and moving on. We can't hold time but we can cherish every moment with the people we love. We can change decisions if we think we can't stand on them. Better quit earlier than to stay for so long that we know, it doesn't satisfy us anymore. Weigh the consequences. Think 1000 times before you choose something. Know yourself, know your worth. You have to cope with changes. According to my 4th year Economics teacher, changes is the only permanent thing in the world. Have a good cry. Be strong afterwards.

Patricia <3