Monday, 2 September 2013

3F's ( Fashion Friendship Fever)

  Best friends are hard to find because the very best is already mine! 

  Last Sunday, my fashion bffs and I experienced our very first medyo high fashion photoshoot which was held in Blueroze Farm, Lipa City. We planned it a month before but due to hectic schedules between us and the photographer, hindi siya matuloy tuloy.

Blueroze Farm is a nice place because it's so secured with nature, beautiful surroundings and pleasant people. The entrance fee is 120 Pesos only and you can avail foods because there's a restaurant near the pavillion inside also. Medyo nag-eendorse lol

Meet our very pretty and bubbly photographer/ make-up artist too, Ate Apz! :D She's very awesome kasi she knows a lot of things. When she met us first in Mcdo, we all got nervous. She was too professional and you know that feeling na ugh, are we still going?! hahaha Rica and Shaira were screaming in silence, "Paaaaaatriceeeeeeeeeeeee....*Scary face*"  


  She formally introduced herself first. I still remember when I was still in elementary, I used to be in my cousin's house and make chill all day tapos si Ate April ay nandoon lang din, just like chill lang too. Who'd have thought we're working on different things now! She asked what's inside our pouch and told what's the right things to invest first. We talked a lot of things before the photoshoot because things won't be successful if hindi nagjijive yung mga ideas namin about ourselves and specifically in fashion. :)

  I know this is somewhat a random photo kasi pre-selfie siya before ako lumayas ng bahay. Pero, don't you love how white top transforms you into extra-maayos face? Yes. 

  I now appreciate people who have big eyes.  Uy don't get me wrong haha I don't really wear make-ups because I don't own a lot. Basics lang but omg I'm missing a lot pala hahaha. I really want to grab myself make-ups for le eyes this time. I was like, AHHHHH! This is how Koreans do their thing therefore I am Korean for this time!!!!!!!! Hahahaha. Syempre, joke lang yun. I used to hate make ups but if you guys and girls witness the magic of it, I just don't know =)))

  If you're fond of putting make-ups occasionally, consult youtube tutorials more often!

It's really hard to perform candid photos since you were instructed to. Basta, kung di nyo gets sayang. Haha. Sweet ni Rica oh! ;)

Don't you love our sexy backs? hahahaha

  This is our blogger theme. I love it because we're all wearing shorts. I was supposed to describe what we are wearing but I don't know how will I write my thoughts. I'm not good at it. Sorry, not my thing. Just check out my fashion bffs' blog!

  This is not a pa-stolen picture because we were talking about the SM Girl Teen's Wear contest!! See, we are certified fashion geeks!!!!!!!! Yes sa wakas, I experienced to be a geek kahit sa fashion lang haha.

  Say what ng mga hand gestures namin? Hahahaha! Thanks to our 4th year speech class. Huhuhu. Missing Bene people... Hmmm

  Probably the hardest! Imagine what professional artist do while acting on a real tv show or movie? Somehow related! Kasi yung internalizing medyo hard :(( Yung mga sabi na "Isipin nyo isa sa inyo ang bida na, hindi, dapat ako ang bida. Ako dapat ang mapansin. Emotions nyo."  ;)

 Sunnies: Mint; Muscle Tee: Penshoppe #TeamPenshoppe Shorts: NEXT Jeans; Booties: Primadonna Accessories: Gifts from FRIENDS! :p

  Say "PA". Please notice my Arm party too! that's just once in a blue moon! Accessories, not my thang!!!! Hahahaha

  This is my new favorite photo of us. I know I already said this but... it's really amazing that I found true sisters in the world of fashion. We will survive a day of talking blogs, fashion, brands and etc only. Pero dahil tao din naman kami, nagkakacrush... nag-uusap din naman kami about gwapo. Hahaha. Tulad na lang ni Shaira, foreigner yung crush niya. Natawa yan ngayon for sure! Hahahaha. Yung kay Rica, ah okay na lang. Hahaha. Joke! May chinichika yan. Hmmmm. :> Ako? Visit you'll see my crushes. </3 hahaha. Seriously, I hope this Fashion friends fever ( Omg 3F's!) will last forever. I'm so cheesy and I know it! Hehehe.

 Remember that tumblr picture of *PrettlyLittle Liars actress, di ko kilala. Kilala ko si Lucy Hales, Shay Mitchell at Troijan Bellisario pero yung isa talaga di ko kilala. Too lazy to use google*, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens! Why do I have to be so small when I'm with the giant ladies? :((( Don't you worry, I always include my height whenever I pray. HAHAHA. I don't consider myself small, they're just tall! Seriously. =)))

  This will be my entry for DKNY fashion show which will be held in... just kidding! hahaha I know what's the meaning of DKNY!! I just discovered it two years ago when I was still subscribing from London's fashion news. Thanks to those people na nagcoconsult madalas naks stylist! Nakakatuwa kasi kahit ano gender, nagtatanong. Salamat at may trust kayo sa taste ko. Basta when in doubt, chat me!! Salamat!  To those who are leaving comments in my blog, thankyou! Salamalaykum! :)

  I just wanted to say big thanks to Ms. Apz Delos Reyes Pasumbal for having us and giving this big oppurtunity kasi hindi lahat ng tao magbibigay ng oras sa iyo. Not all would share their knowledge and experiences in life. Thankyou din sa mga kasama niya kay Ate i forgot the name :(( and Kuya quiet, di ko rin tanda! haha Salamat po! Thankyou so much Ate April, you're truly the best Ate! If you guys need a wedding planner or a photographer in occasional events you can freely visit her fb account, email, IG and blog too! Thankyou for dropping by! <3

Patricia <3