Sunday, 18 August 2013

August go home, you're drunk!

  Good morning Monday! To all students right here, let's rejoice because we don't have classes for today!! Our quiz in Accounting!! :( We're so late from the lessons.. hay. See, I'm a concerned student of the globe! I'm great! haha  We don't have classes on Friday too! The next week, we'll be having our Semi Finals already so what are we going to study for it? T__T Ulan, kalma lang! Mas mahalaga naman pag-aaral namin kaysa mawalan ng pasok. Please don't ruin my sembreak plans too! :( I promise to be productive again. I'm not going to work but I'm going to study on my own. HAHA. Watch and learn! Anyway, this is a late post yesterday!

  I've been wearing sneakers on dresses recently. Feeling ko ang tangkad ko na kasi. Hahahaha! This penshoppe dress is getting smaller on me. Size small lang pala siya because usually I buy medium clothes. Mga sponsors, you know what to do. Kidding! 

  Yesterday, I saw a tumblr like short! I already fitted it. I badly want to buy it but my mom doesn't like. I'm willing to pay it but as long as di nagagandahan nanay ko, most of the time, I don't go for it. Pero kagabi, iniisip ko pa rin yun. Ang ganda. It's denim! Plus the i-don't-want-to-tell-you-the-prints-on-it-because-you-might-buy-it is so perfect. If I see it again next time and I still want it, I'll buy this time. If it's meant to be, it will be. :P It's 500 pesos. Shall I buy or not? :( HAHAHA Para paraan for comments!!

  Don't you love the bag? It's from Parisian! Mom bought it for 200 pesos only because it was sale last Sunday. Feeling ko kasi Louis Vuitton siya. Hayst. Yung mga lalaki na bibigyan ka ng mamahaling bag. Turn on! :) Pero, sa mag-asawa lang yon. Kailangan mayaman mapangasawa ko. HAHAHA. Did you watch RatedK last night? I just died! It's all about Chinese! Henry Sy and Lucio Tan, I want to be part of your clan! haha

  Don't you love my bear bracelet too from Blue Magic? :) It's actually a keychain, you know... creativity! haha it's an old gift from a good friend, si Dyosa slash Doen! I miss you Dyosa!! I hope you're one of my readers! haha 

  Excuse my forever wet hair. I swear, it still dries don't you worry child! lol I'm not an edgy person so yeah, I'm always on girly stuffs. I saw a nice round cap yesterday too, if i see it again, I'll buy too. HAHAHA. My mom is interested on it so I think I have a chance! I want muscle tees too! I want everything right? AHAHA I just want to dress in my dream style ever since I started blogging from 2011. EDGY clothes please... -___- I already have rugged booties so my major problem is clothes! And before I forgot, I want to mention a girl who commented on my old blogpost, Hi Andrea Adelantar! I replied to your comment but I don't know what's with google. Ayaw mag-appear. Thankyou for inspiring me too. Thank you! <3 I have one last chika too. Did you know that Sam and Jasmine are bf/gf? HAHA kahapon ko lang nalaman I thought, nagliligawan lang sila! :O Kaya pala ganon ang sabi ni Anne sa showtime noong nag guess si Sam. Omg. Omg. Wala lang. They're both good looking and celebs. No reason to be surprised in the first place! HAHAHA.

Let's talk about of rain this time! *Sad songs cue* Safe and sound by Taylor Swift, It will rain by Bruno Mars, I'm with you by Avril Lavigne and Break even by the Script. :P

One day, I'll try not to use any stuffs because I know, I'm missing a lot. Just not now. One day. :)

Relate so much. I don't have a cat inside. Yes, outside sometimes. HAHA. Close sila ni Tonya eh. Pwede pala talaga maging friends kahit they're different. Oh well, I don't care. They have their own life after all!

Made me laugh earlier! hahaha

Who  doesn't? :) Feels like I'm walking in the rain, I found myself crying to wash out the pain... Hahahaha. I don't if the lyrics are right. Walking in the rain by I forgot. Uso magyoutube!

  They look good sometimes but they're scarier than the Conjuring! -___- That moment na  nagbloblog ka kanina lang tapos bukas pala windows, kumulog at kidlat ng bongga na sobrang kitang kita mo? Katakot sa heart. 

Thankyou for reading my blog. Your views! OMG. Happiest blogger alive. Stay safe and dry everyone! Feel free to write your comments. PUSH! Pray Until Something Happen <3

Patricia <3