Friday, 16 August 2013

Acquaintance Party 2013

  Our College Department had an acquaintance party last Friday, August 16. I swear, I really enjoyed it! tho I experienced severe pain because of you know girl pain! until now :( haha We were informed to dress in animal prints but my friends and I didn't follow the theme because we're against it!! haha

  Look how plenty we were yesterday! Proud to be part of CABEIHM. College of Accountancy, Business Administration and Economics, International Hospitality Management and Customs Administration! 

  We had Cabeihm time ( just like in Showtime!) as the first part of the program.

Moni and I with Noreen and Roz Jell! :)

The second part was the pageant! We were so hyper to cheer our Friend, Joice the whole time!! Even though she didn't totally win atleast she grabbed the best in long gown award. She's just first year and we know that it's a long way for her! She's really beautiful and yes, she's still our winner no matter what! :)

Couldn't be more proud of that guy. HAHAHA. So proud of him too! He was so far from the last time!

Thanka for my ootd buddies: Moni, Almira an Mattias! 

I'm like a working girl in Makati. HAHAHA. I'm so excited in the near future to dress in pro corpo for real. The first sem is about to end. 2 more weeks and we'll be having our semi-finals. Omg that means, 1 sem down! 9 to go! haha

So thankful of my college life by now! It's really fun! I don't know if it's just me or what. Happiness is all about little things because if you can't appreciate them in a way, you'll never know what you're missing. PUSH natin to. PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPEN. :) I hope you like this blogpost leaving you this one last quote! 
It's not about how many times you fall but how you stood up from those challenges in life! Have a great weekend! I can't wait for later. I'll be seeing Rica and Bea baby this afternoon for Laureen Uy's meet and greet! :) 
                                                 Patricia <3