Sunday, 11 August 2013

Jet'aime la moda

  Style was a standard. Didn’t hurt anyone… But you gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it, you’re nobody. I’m not talking about lots of clothes. My head keeps on nodding while reading it too. Last night, I was thinking hard about my blogging life since 2011 and until now. I’m so disappointed of myself like this “K”.  I won’t tell anymore about it! It’s for you to find out le change! :>

  Ultra-sophisticated and polished, the classic style is thoroughly modern with an eye for crisp, sharp details that are always chic and timeless. Classic Essentials checklist:  Neutral color schemes, structured details, clean cuts and silhouettes and basics with a twist.


  If you're planning to enter the fashion blogging world, I suggest to invest first for a white crisp button down
top. It's so versatile! Get yourself a pair of black sneakers too. Just take good care of them, nakakainis na laging namumuti. Haha. If you don't like black sneakers, go for the red color! Go for Keds! Imma fan of Taylor Swift kasi. Hihi. 

  Let's pretend I'm using a birkin bag from Hermes! Hahaha. I miss watching Jane by Design! ( Paging for Shaira Manalo. Thanks for introducing that fashion series! Yay ) 

   My hair is always wet. I hate it too! I can feel you guys. -___-

  I thank heaven because I found this skirt! :"> Skater skirts are so mainstream like omg don't wanna use them anymore! haha syempre, let's say it's maarte but we always need the sense of style and difference. :) This skirt is like one too but its cuts and structures are so perf! Everybody was staring at me and my skirt today. HAHAHA. I can't blame them, it's not OA tho. I didn't use heels naman so it's not OA. I'm loving flats this season! This skirt is not that short too (for the conservatives!). Where did I buy it? MAJOR SECRET. Clue for it's price? It's so cheap. Not bragging but I swear you'll be surprised if you'll ask me in personal! This is what I call my real fashion life... it's not about the brand. It's not about how skinny you are. It's all about self satisfaction and confidence while wearing it. A lot of people are now joining the trend of being a fashionista, I believe there's more in the next coming months. Fashion should never be taken seriously , and trends shouldn't be followed at the expense of who you really are. Break the rules, or better yet, don't be afraid to make your own! :)

Patricia <3