Saturday, 17 August 2013

Cause I had a perf day

This is another blessed saturdate ever! I got to see my idol from blogging, see my fashion bffs and reunite with my bestfriend! This day wouldn't be possible without them and my kind-EST nstp prof ever! Our class is 2-5pm but he dismissed us by 3 so I immediately went straight to the mall for the meet and greet! Lord, thankyou for slowly fulfilling my dreams and checking my bucketlist before I die! :) 

I thought the meet and greet will happen in the event center but Bea and I were so shocked when we saw this! haha

With my sissy since first year high school! I can't believe we're attending small fashion events together with Shaira. I'm just crossing my fingers to attend another bigger event next month! Lord please, with cheese on top! ❤🎉

Oh boy, such a chic! Omg! I was busy chatting with Bea when Rica told me, "Yan na si laureen!" I was like... *SCREAM!!!!!!!!* The girl looked at me and yes she gave me a cold one. HAHAHA. I don't care. They're just another fan in the place, they're not the marketing officer to stop me :p

She gave a talk about blogging ofcourse! She shared us how she started blogging when she's 15 and still in college. I remembered myself, I found love in blogging when I was 14 only. Hihi. Lamang ako sa age! She told us how she does her outfits like mix and match. I knew it, she's gonna tell us that we should invest on basics first! I watched her Kris Tv episode about fashion too. I wasn't surprise of what she'll be saying for today. 

She's really kind and pretty! I just noticed her skin color. Her tan skin is a pageant material. I remembered when my Ninang came home from Canada. She tease me about my fashion dreams. "Fashion designer ang bebe!" tapos sabi nung mga pinsan ko. "Yieee! Patrice Uy!!!" I just realized, kelangan ko maging Uy para sumikat. Haha! Kaso yung brother nila matanda na. Pwede pa ako maging Enciso! haha I love her sister too, Liz Uy. Kaso ang fashion sense ni Liz ay pang vogue, chanel and prada. It doesn't apply to our age but I find it very Audrey Hepburn. Liz Uy is so classy. On the other hand, Laureen Uy dresses in an edgy way. That's my dream style but I never pulled off one. I don't have plenty of shorts and muscle tees that's why I'm trying my best to find some that's on sale! haha I was the last one to ask Laureen Uy. My question was, What brands do you love the most? Did you try thrift shops? She said that fashion should never be that cozy at all. 

I lost my faith when they announce that we need to buy stuffs at cyberzone worth of 300 pesos to have picture with Laureen. I got a bright idea since I have my candymag with me! hihi Habang nagtatalk siya earlier, nadiscuss niya candymag eh uncontrolled yung pagtaas ng magazine ko! So napansin niya ako na, "Yan! Meron siya :)" Hahaha! Hanep na talaga ako sa pagiging fan girl promise. From chicser, Derrick ngayon Laureen uy! I'm unstoppable. XD So it was photo time. My friends and I were thinking of how to get on stage! I stepped out of my seat and went in front to talk with the guards! "Sir, excuse me po. I though candymag po yung kailangan para sa pictures." Guards: "Asan stamp mo?" Me: *sa isip* sabi ng wala eh letche naman! haha *Real talk* Akala ko po kasi ay magazine. Guard: Tanungin mo marketing officer namin. Me: Mam, okay lang ba na... Marketing officer: *Nods* Me: *sa isip* sabi sa inyo eh! Asar mga guards forever! 

I really want to ask her about her lovelife! I'm an all around blogger. I talk a lot of things!! haha I want to ask her what's the real score between her and champ! I also want to ask her about her Paris trip. Hayst. I felt shy... :()))

I'm so happy that I met her finally! Not by tweets anymore! :p Can't wait for Vern and Verniece Enciso!!! Laureen Uy is such an inspiration for everybody. I like it that they're still humble and kind despite of their popularity. They started in low points too and they're willing to share it to everyone around the globe. I was surprised when I check my magazine. Kasi nga noong nagtanong ako nagsabi ako na sincce 2011 pa ako nagbabasa ng blog niya! Then nakalagay sa magazine ay Patrice, Thanks for coming and supporting me from 2011. Laureen She remembers people easily, yay! 

Meet my date! <3 She's my little sister and bestfriend! I missed you Bea! :>

HAHAHA Thanks for the free Strawberries and cream frapp!

Definitely an awesome day! I can't get over with everything. It's just sad everything went so fast. I feel sick of thinking that tomorrow is Sunday already. I need to squeeze myself from books and notes again. We have a quiz on Accounting this Monday. High score please! Pray! Everything will be easy as long as I put the transactions in the right titles. Hahaha. Thankyou for dropping by! I wish you all a happy life! <3

Patricia <3