Friday, 11 October 2013

Under Giligan's

  Finally! I'm free like a bird from now on! OMG. 1 sem down, 9 to go! Couldn't be more thankful of our Accounting professor (our finals isn't like what I've expected!) but doesn't mean I'll get perfect score. Math is my favorite above all the subjects! I don't care if it sounds boastful! It's the first time I answered a multiple choice of it that has no blanks at all! OMG LIKE I'M SO SURE WITH WHAT I'M DOING?! Hahaha. It's not perfect tho! The last number of computations has betrayed me! THE SIGN. Alam mo yun? Alam mo naman yun yung right sign, you just lost yourself that time? UGH.  Okay, I'll continue my stories about these acads sooner on the next coming blogposts! hahaha I'm just happy, I can blog and blog till I drop na!  

  This is a late post last Saturday. My mom and I tried the controversial ( controversial, really?! lol) Giligan's restaurant located at Sm Batangas, 2nd floor near Max's. The theme of the restaurant is more on pirates and ship styles. I felt like eating inside the ship of the pirates and the carribean lol.  They serve different foods like Chicken, sisig ( which we ordered for 99 pesos only!! ) , lumpia and more. Their crews are also good too! They don't have service charges too. Yes, restaurants like Giligan's still exist! Can you imagine how affordable it is?  Try the not so new Giligan's now! :) 

Patricia <3