Monday, 21 October 2013

There's more to life than college

  A college education should equip one to entertain three things: a friend, an idea and oneself. Today, I will share to you a blogpost containing all the ups and downs of my first sem in college. I can still remember my "College Jitters" blogpost. Time flies so fast. I'm truly grateful about it. :)


  I was really scared that I might not find good and true friends this time. Oh well, God really loves me because he introduced me to a bunch of good people! Even though I'm the only one who didn't graduate in IS, they never OP-ed me. :)) I idolize/admire each one of them. They have their own stories, own characteristics and identities that's been my inspiration in life. Through thick and thin ang friendship na ito. Haha. I remembered when i can't enter because the guards are so strict. I wore slippers with heels! It's still slippers daw. Monie acted so well that's why the second time I entered the gates, HA! They did't notice me! Ahihi. Also, the PYSCHO PROJECT! THOSE RATS. HAHAHA. Everything will keep confidential about it. *EVIL LAUGH* I SWEAR, THEY'RE ALL SMART. SMART IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE. I'm so proud, I'm a part of this group. I love you guys. Looking forward to the next coming sems! I EXPLAINED IT ALREADY. LAB U! 


  Sharing my grades to my dear readers. HAHAHA. I'm so shy to post this on fb because it didn't meet my goal. I want it to be all line of 1. Don't judge. This is the way I live my life. I set my standards too high. I like it anyway. I'm so disappointed of myself. I only got 2 in my major subject. REALLY A FAILURE. My English? AHAHAHA I'm thankful of 2, so much. If you would only know my exams in English. TOO HARD, I WANNA CRY. HAHAHAHA. Thank God, I'm so active on recitations that caused my prof to call me "ANNE". :)) My pyscho, hahaha. OMG MY UKNOWN MIDTERMS. MENTAL BLOCKED! hahahaha. I'm just complaining ( a little bit ) in Filipino and Math. Why 1.50 only. HAHAHAHA. I think, it's a good start. Next time, I will really weigh things. I will study harder ( IF YOU ONLY KNEW. THIS FIRST SEM IS THE BESTEST VERSION OF MYSELF WHEN IT COMES TO STUDIES. SINCE BIRTH. NEVER DID ADVANCE READINGS REGULARLY. NEVER LIKED MATH THIS WAY. OMG. This is the first time I could say, MATH IS MY FAVORITE SUBJECT! KINIKILIG AKO. HAHAHA.) I will practice the art of diskarte. I will.. hahaha. So many I will-s! It's really hard in my school. I mean, I don't like the policy for the accountancy students. In the 2nd year of summer, we'll get the qualifying exam. 70% will be from the GWA ( General Weight Average ) and 30% from the results of the qualifying exam. The challenging part is!!! The school will only get the Top 90 students who can freely continue our course. Our course have 9 sections! 40 plus students each. Imagine? -___- Yes, and if I failed? I will still remind myself that I'm not perfect. I claim to have high standards but just like in accounting ( oh well ) everything will remain in balance. Laging may masama kapag sobra. Dapat sakto lang sa buhay. They say, grades don't define you, JUST YOUR FUTURE. LOL. But, what my friends and I realized today? IT STILL DEPENDS. Just do your best and set your hopes and love to what you're doing in it's highest level. 


  The transition of high school to college is too close yet so far drama. LOL. Close because, I don't think na totoo yung walang pakialaman sa college? It depends but for me?  No. People around you still care. They also say, puyat ka na nga sa college, tres pa din? I don't know. Hahaha! If you'll be choosing Engineering as your course, I think I'm not in the position to give my opinion because Trigo, Chem and Physics. I know it really hurts. Hahaha. Hindi nagtuturo ang prof. IT REALLY DEPENDS. Grades really depends on them. Nuff said! Hahaha. Boring sa college. Hell no. There's a lot of things you'll discover to it. A lot of people you'll see. A lot of stories you'll hear. Mahirap ang college. DEPENDS. HAHAHA. If you don't study, yes it will be. Pero kung sanay ka sa cramming at natural kang matalino, goodluck kasi ako hindi. Slow ako eh! hahaha. Try the advance studying. It really works. Siguro, madedevelop lang talaga sa college ay... madali ng makipagkawpa tao. Naks! haha I don't know, for me, yes. Tsaka diskarte. Always use your common sense. Wish ko mamaster to. Hahaha. Analyze every decisions you'll make. Lagi naman, sa lahat ng oras at pagkakataon. There's more to life than college. Goodluck for me and the rest. Push pa. Pray pa kay God. Tiwala lang! 1 down, 9 SEMS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  I made a compilation of videos of our section. Lol. If you can't view it so well just click the link HERE!! YEAH HERE LOL Guys, thank you for dropping by! I hope you like this blogpost. Virtual hugs! Goodnight. Off to sleep. Hahaha. Still early for tomorrow. :)
Patricia <3