Saturday, 19 October 2013

Songs you might love version 2.0

Ahhhhh! I missed this segment of my blog. So much. I finally found someone haha jk that's a line from a song lol. I finally found a time to visit my trusted music website. I'm sorry, I can't tell it because I'm selfish. Sentimental things can't be shared here! Hahahaha. Here it goes :)

1. Wake me up by Avicii I tried to search for France top-picks and Avicii is the only one that's familiar to me. Lol. I've been hearing a lot of good feedbacks about Avicii and yes! Those party-party songs! My genre! :)) I like musics which bring hippie vibes that tell stories to the listeners ofcourse. If I'll own a bar just like Erwan Heusaff's Ninerichinana, I would definitely include this song to my restau playlist. Sosyal! haha

2. Get lucky by Daft Punk Another cool music. I heard this song in the first time at Penshoppe! hahahaha. Saludo ako sa  songs nila. Cool!!! We come too far to give up who we are!!!! We're up all night to get lucky!!!!! :) I can relate again. Hahahaha. I won't give up from the things I believe in. I won't be bothered again. Promise! :)

3. True love by Pink Lastly!!!! I think this is not that new because I've been hearing this song from the radio few weeks ago. Hahaha. Jen and I made an instavid of it. Lip syncing! Videos, our thing!!!! hahaha. =))) My favorite part is, "At the same time I wanna hug you. I want to wrap my hands around your neck. You're an asshole but I love you!" Perfect for those couples who always fight and have misunderstandings! Too cute! 

Hooray. I hope you like what I've shared to you my dear readers. I REALLY APPRECIATE THOSE GOOD COMMENTS! Thankyou for spending your little time with my baby blog! I'm currently reading a good book once again!!! Chicken soup for soul! I remembered my English teacher back in 2nd year. She mentioned about it and 'twas only now that I got the chance to read one. It's really good. I wish I discovered it before! I hope to find a copy of the chicken soup for teenage soul next time. I think it's the best for me since I'm a teenager. I'll blog about it after I finished! Have a pretty life all throughout! Think pink! :) 

Patricia <3