Saturday, 12 October 2013

Good girl look

  It's Sunday where most of us young fashionistas/ bloggers turn into a different version of ourselves from the clothes we wear. This is another late blogpost brought by the focus-to-finals sensation last week! I just can't imagine how traumatic it was! I stayed late on a Friday night, studying! Woah. I can't get over with it! 

  Haba ng hair i don't know what's next in line lol. Everybody's getting their hair be chopped into a pixie cut. *Me: No. You'll regret like the last time. Control the jelly aces in your mind! lol* I called this a good girl look because first of all, I'm a good girl. HAHAHA. We usually see a lot of girls sporting this kind of style from those girly dresses, chic cardigans and polished flats. The bulky bag isn't included!!!! Duh. We went to my lola ( mom's side ) that's why my mum forced me to put everything in it. Hayst. Haha. I don't like heavy things. I believe that it make you smaller like an ant (waley!) Woah no. :( I'm also wearing a silver necklace from my October issue of Candymag! Don't you love wearing pa-girl ootd sometimes? :)

Patricia <3