Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pinker than Pink

  My blogpost title is so funny! Do you know that Bluer than blue song? That's my title inspiration for today. Talk about blogging problems! I'm back to fashion blogging once again! All right!!!!!!!!! No more sadness and blue vibes in the air! :)

  Thanks to my momma who took my photos. She looks more fashionista than me! 

  What about Kuya photobomber? lol
  The I-have-headaches pose. Lol

  The WANNA-VICTORIA SECRET ANGEL-BE pose. Candice! Miranda! You're my queens!

"Never sacrifice who you are just because someone has a problem with it."  Leaving you a quote I saw from my favorite photo website which I'm not going to tell again because I'm selfish! =))) I'm all in pink today, super girly! Let me tell you a short story behind this ootd post. While my mom's taking pictures of me ofcourse, tawa siya ng tawa sa mga kalukahan ko! Kahit maraming taong nadaan, not so naman. Mga 2 or 3 people lang. Napatingin kami sa guards. Omg. Tawa sila ng tawa sa akin. Hahaha! Atleast, I made them laugh once in awhile! It's very important in our daily lives, we have to make others happy. I told you that I'm reading a book and one of the stories from there is very touching. Chicken soup is a collection of short stories which conveys genuine values in reality. One story is all about HUGS. There's a man who loves to hug everybody. EVERYBODY MEANS, ALL. No exception. They went to a home for the old people and those suffering from illness. He saw a man. He hesitated if he will hug him or not maybe because of the man's situation. But then, his friend told him, go for it. Don't doubt of him. Give him a hug. So Mr. Hug gave the man a warmth hug. Then the nurse or authorized person said, "It's the first time that he smiled/ is happy for so many years. Your hug must be powerful." Mr. Hug is now my newest icon in life. I want to hug everybody too! What do you think? Dapat isulong to sa senado! umay na sa pork barrel! hahaha If we have a law about hugs, AHHH. We can freely hug our crushes na! HAHAHA. Okay, sorry for my soupness. :| I'm wearing a statement shirt from Penshoppe! "HUG THE HATERS." Ofcourse, it's on sale! lol. I hope you like this blogpost! Thanks for dropping by! Think pink! :)

Patricia <3