Sunday, 27 October 2013

21 days of layers

  It's been awhile since I had my last blogpost. I'm busy of doing nothing. HAHAHA. The gigising-ng-umaga-internet-muna-linisbahay-kain-ligo-internet-kain-higa-tv-net-late matulog. Hahahaha. I swear I will be productive starting tomorrow. That's my reward to myself after a stressful semester, lazy lazy ass muna pag may time! lol I'll continue reading the chicken soup! HAHAHA. I have three more books in line. Naman? Kunwari, geek! :)) 

  I can't think of a good title. What I know from my ootd is that it's all about layering. It's really a breezy Sunday!!! Layering is the perfect style this season. I'm always on girly style with a touch of classic. I'm into bright colors and navies! If you're following Forever21 on instagram, you'll see a lot of layered ootds there. I also saw Nadz and Mary Anne today. Those chitchats we did. Hay nako. Ang walang kamatayang ehem. HAHAHAHA. I also bought a new jacket! Ofcourse. Sale. SUPER SALE. That's why I didn't let the opportunity pass!! hahahaha. You'll see it on my next ootd blogpost. Cheerio, Au revoir, babushka! 

Patricia <3