Tuesday, 22 October 2013

School diaries

  It's tuesday and we were so disgusted from our enrollment. AHHH. The system is really nice. REALLY. Hahaha. I had a great morning today because oh yeah *drumrolls*. I'm a university scholar!! This is for you Papa! :"> Salamat at abot yung general average ko. 1.75 daw sakto. Eh kasi naman inalis yung PE at NSTP, dun pa naman 1.25. Tamang kabado na. Thankyou Lord! I didn't expect this :) This is my first time to receive an automatic scholar that's why I'm so excited and yeah I just can't hide it. Lol. Finally! <3

  We had our lunch in the canteen because we weren't in the mood to go outside in our favorite carinderia! This is my forever meal this college. I will never get tired of eating Pork steaks! I'm so amazed with my rice! It's like a smiley face! What a great morning! :)

  My kind of serious selfie! 

  With my favorite girl, Monieminaj!

  AHHH! Got the chance to have pictures with the ultimate crush ng campus. He's just in 4th yr high school. No to child abuse! lol We were so delighted kasi nakakatakot ma-reject. Haha! At guys, nakausap ko pa siya! Hahaha. I said, "Okay lang? :)" "*Nods nods* smile" UGH. HAHAHA. I see my cousin, Jazril, to this cutie guy. Just a crush. Thanks Kyle! 

  Oh bet na bet ng isang bata dyan! Sabeh ng Ms. Bb. Pilipinas pose?  haha

  These cutie kids! They were selling candies and due to my extreme kiddie heart, we bought goodies from them! I miss my childhood. I went with the same situation back in elementary. :)

  Hahaha. Another cutie guy we saw while chilling out! I don't know his name. Hahahahaha. My friends just said, "Oh yan si!!! Bilis picture din!!!" Also a 4th year high school student :) Hahaha! Thanks again! 

  I had an amazing time with my friends ( as always). I realized 4 things today! 1. Why do guys bite their lips in taking pictures?! Look to our third photos in the collage. 2. I'm so old. I can't belive this. 3. I can make things happen if I really strive hard. It's all about determination, euquilibrium and faith in others, oneself and God. 4. It's all about little things too. I got happier when I saw the smiley rice! How's your day? :) Thanks for dropping by! Spread good vibes. Think pink.

Patricia <3