Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Enchanted to meet you ( Part 2 )

We arrived at school late and we entered the amusement that late too. So annoying, right? Ahhh! Who's with me??

  My partner, my kasundo when it comes to cool stuffs and Kpop, Joice! I think I'm the only girl in the group who doesn't call her "ate". I asked them at first, "bakit ate tawag nyo?" Because of her height daw and ever since daw, Ate na talaga. How cool! :)

Our first ride and my favorite, Flying Fiesta!!! I missed my Physics project back in 4th year! I made one ( joke lang yun. Nagpagawa lang ako. But I painted it with all my heart, soul and mind! ) For me, Ek won't be Enchanted without this ride. Sobrang chill lang kasi. 

  Napakaturista ng batang ito. True blogger posts haggard pictures! :))


  I hope we'll reach our dreams together so that we can go to a famous theater kalokalike this in New York City! 

I don't know if it's me or whatever. I think I'm getting fairer skin recently. I love the weather for the past few weeks. It was raining everyday. Or I think it's my dove / adidas body wash? HAHAHAHA NAKAKAPUTI BA YON? Paubos na nga eh. Padalhan nyo naman ako oh! Hahaha.
 The Rio Grande's operation was temporarily closed the moment we're struggling in long lines. It was raining hard outside but still we shared in our umbrellas and waited for an hour. We were all confused if we're still going or not. God is good that some of the people infront of us in the line went away that gave us the chance to reach the nearest line and yes, they started their operation again! Rio, rio, rio na! Don't  give up, just stand up! Hihihi.


  Sorry for the blurred pictures. It's so hard to take pictures while riding HAHAHAHA. I just released my phone noong patapos na. I'm afraid I might drop it in the deep river, that's not pretty cool. I swear, this ride is so fun! I can't describe it. HAHAHA. Alam nyo yun, kayong magkakaibigan, sigawan na toda max? Hindi nyo alam. Joke lang! Pero masaya talaga! Kantahan, finally you put my love on top!! Solid!!! HAHAHA.

    After the ride. 

Almira and Joice!!!!! Solid to. HAHAHAHA.

  We didn't forget this ride. It's almost 6 in the evening and Ferris Wheel is the best-est ride to see! It's so fun doing instagram videos ( AHAHAHA I even shared it to facebook! I hope I didn't annoy all of you. We were just happy. I was just happy! Note: Walang mali sa mga taong masaya sa buhay nila. Choice nila yun. Success nila, buhay nila yun. Pagkakamali nila, buhay pa rin nila yun. People come and go. We are allowed to give opinions but in a respectful way! ) While in the line, yes. Ganito ako kapag bored. Naghahanap ako ng attractive people na kung saan makakagawa ako ng story sa isip ko. Hahaha! Sabi sa inyo, kung ang prof ko sa Natsci na sabi kanina ay FD daw siya because he's a frustrated doctor, ako... I'm a frustrated writer. Lol. I saw a pretty woman. I was surprised na may kasama siyang guy and cutie baby boy. Nag-babe yung girl. Edi, mag-asawa. Tapos napatingin ako sa una nung girl. May girl na kamukha niya tapos may kids din! Which means, they are early mothers? That's not my point. I mean, ang gaganda at sosyal pa din ng mga mukha nila kahit ganon. Wala, hanga lang ako. Ang ganda kasi. I wish I was with my Dad that time. Ganon, mga type ng tatay ko. Ahehehe! :))

  One thing I love in my college friends, walang kj. Yes, may kasama akong magbaliw baliwan! :) I'm still thinking if I'll post our funny videos or not. If yes, stay tuned for the part 3!

  My dinner was a DQ blizzard! Strawberry Banana! Sakto, because strawberry ice creams are my favorite tapos yung real life fruit ay bananas! Yay. Plus a burger and ofcourse, water. Let's avoid softdrinks this time. I want a long happy life that's why I try to go on a healthy lifestyle. Charot! 

  We bought mini donuts too! The last time I travelled without my Mum, ang pasalubong ko din ay donuts and oops, Jco pa. Ang yaman ko talaga. HAHAHA. Joke. Naiimagine ko lang, ako na yung may nagpapasalubong unlike dati, Happy house donuts ba 'yon? Yun pasalubong ng tatay ko noon. Miss ko na ga! Ay nako naman! XD Wala lang. Ang bait ko lang. Hahahaha. 

With the craziest people in my life. <3

Ayaw paawat nung dalawa sa picture. Medyo pagod na kami ni Almira! haha

Donna, the photobomber. Naalala ko yung baby dun sa bahay ng mga lola ko last Saturday, super picturan tapos sabi ni Gabby, "Oy sama nyo naman daw yun" nakikismile Lol! :))

  The last and unexpected ride, Anchors Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this one is the scariest!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time? Extreme and Space shuttle na talaga. Joke, like what I've said, I want a long happy life! HAHAHA. I'm so blessed to have good barkadas. I really appreciate how they treat me ( kasi, alam mo yun, oo kanina nyo pang di alam. Haha. Alam nyo yun, kahit nung una pa lang, never kang na-op. Kahit ikaw lang hindi graduate ng high school doon, hindi ka kakaiba sa kanila. Basta. Thankyou. Kakakilig. :* Oh, it's not yet the end of the world. I'm just telling how grateful I am to have all of my friends. )  Speaking of end, final exams are fast approaching! Just this one last push, next week! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! *I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!! I know I know I know I know I want you!* Hahahaha. Crossing all my fingers to survive all of these stuffs. Wish me luck. Have a good day and thanks for dropping by! I'm so happy that I got to share all of my thoughts inside my crazy head! Our finals in English is tomorrow, yay. Wish me a super good luck. English is really hard. Aroys.  Have good moments in life! Eat, Pray, Love! Indulge happy thoughts. Surround yourself with crazy people. 

P.S. Watch out for the new look of my blog this sembreak! It's going to be a... hmmmm. Stay tuned!  :)

Patricia <3