Friday, 4 October 2013

Enchanted to meet you ( Part 3 )

  Holla, this is the last blogpost about our fieldtrip last Sunday! These are just tagged photos from my facebook account. I just can't controlled myself of not sharing it to my readers. 

  See how bulky my bag was. I'm totally a fashion slave!!! My friend, Almira, was wondering... "Friend bakit parang wala kang dalang food?" The reason is all I brought were stylish clothes I prepared from the last night! HAHAHAHA Wala eh. >:)<

  To the man who was drinking that time, sige lang Kuya! Joke parang nagpipicture din ata? Guess!

  Joice and I were busy from our phones. I don't know if Joice was busy texting someone but me? Too busy to record insta videos! This is my life! HAHAHA

  This ride is the most relaxing one, ever. Imagine how high it is? Seeing those lights around Sta. Rosa? WOAH. Feeling ko lahat ng stress ko sa buhay ay slowly nawala. Imagine!!! You're with a guy riding this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a love song cue of "Out of my league" or "Thousand Years" HAHAHA Just imagine. HAHAHA. >:)<

*Morning faces*

  Meet my boyfriend!!! Hahaha. Madidiri yan. :( To the funniest person I know on Earth, love you Manny/ Monieminaj, the real epitome of loveliness in the society. :) *Sabay kontra ni Almira* HAHAHA. =))

Front-cam freaks, love you girls!!!!!!!

Why am I so pretty here? lol

My cover photo <3 Clarissa, Tintin, Joice, Glecie, Me, Almira and Monie <3

Play Etude!

  That is the kid I've been telling you guys! Too bad her mom wasn't part of this photo! I wanna cry!!!!!!!

Meet my buddy and partner! <3

I love my nose, HERE. :)) Don't you worry, I'm praying it to be good someday. HAHAHA. It's just that I discover something about it. HAHAHA. Don't you worry again because I won't copy what Chichay did in Got to believe. I tried it when I was younger too! My auntie would just tell me "No, that's not the cure!" lol! :)))

Baby you're a fireworks! 

We hope to become a CPA someday! :)

  Thankyou for dropping by! A week to go and I'll be waving my hands to my first sem in college! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please all angels, come to my side please. I can't wait to read books and watch my missed favorite shows! My blog is about to turn another page of graphic designs this time. Trust my arts skills lang! You'll see since, black and white is so boring! I promise to become a better fashion blogger this time! Sorry lang talaga kung sabaw minsan hanggang ngayon di ko magets yung reversing entry, grabe. Suko na mga kaibigan ko sa akin. Ewan ko. Tonight, I'm getting over you ang peg! Mamaya promise. HAHAHA. <3

P.S. It was only yesterday na nalaman ko na ex pala ni Nico Salva si Megan Young! WOAH. Sorry pero Karla Aguas talaga! HAHAHA.

Patricia <3