Saturday, 5 April 2014

Believe in all that can be

I was too busy for the past few days because of our Humanities theater. Okay how do I start this?? It was a blast. I felt so much fun ever since we had our first practice. Our play is all about a princess who escaped the fantasy world where she met her the one and had their baby girl but things gone wrong that she needed to go back to the Kingdom of Alfea and rule as the Queen this time. Her daughter in the outside world with the father continued to live the life. When the girl meets the strange dress that brought her in fantasy, will her dreams be enough to get them through the crazy mess called life? Yay. I can still remember when Joice ( director ) and I were still brainstorming about this. You know Joice and I have a very compatible way of thinking about girly stuff and all. We usually do or plan things like this but this one is something hard and measurable. I would like to thank first all my groupmates for a very successful result and feedback from our Professor! Group 2 deserves everything we made effort as one. You guys want stories we've been through?

Okay. The first one is the first overnight with 4 people ( Joice, Reina, Queenie and Dona). We left home around 8 in the evening to have dinner outside particularly in 7/11 caltex. After the dinner, we decided to walk to go home. It's like wow ah, kung kelan gabi na saka pa talaga kami nagdecide na maglakad?! XD So we were already frightening each other that I decided to get a big stone with me as my and our protection against fuck people. HAHAHA. They we're teasing me like crazy but I didn't mind it at all. When!!!! A guy on a motor cycle near me shout like a clown or whatever and I immediately screamed because of so much shocked and fear.  He's totally scary in my eyes. HAHAHA. My friends got scared too because of my scream and shout stuff. Hahaha! We were almost home when!!!!! A dog was standing infront of us like something's bad gonna happen if one of us have ran her life out!! We were all praying in our deepest hearts not to run! I said, "Kagat dila guys! Kaya natin to!!" Reina also said, " San Roque, San Roque!!!" Woahhhhhhhh!!!!!! Inch by inch, yes we're moving closer and the dog went far! Woahhhhhh!  That night Dona frightened me and I cried of too much fear. HAHAHA. Ang oa ko talaga pero ayos lang. This is me, this is real. Fuck what people think. :)))) 

Okay. The second day!!! We were 15!!! Fun fun! I asked them to wash up around 6 but they started 7 and finished by 8! We took our dinner in Jorjhanes Bulalo restaurant in Bolbok. Before we reach the place, we were divided into two groups because of the transportation. We were left waiting for another jeepney to pass by when!!!!!!!!!! I saw a woman in a dress holding a sack! "May luka! Let's go flight back!!!! Woah!!!" We waited for her to pass by and yes success! After the one hour dinner, we ride a jeep again because it's too far already for us to walk. There's this crazy jeepney driver whom I can't describe that much aside from he's craziness.

 We continued our work and finished by 2 in the morning. What I like from our group is that we never forgot to pray and thank God before we hit the hay!

It's really a nice experience of exchanging ideas with great minds of people. 

Patricia <3