Friday, 28 March 2014

Blog Hiatus

  Okay. How do I start this blogpost? A moment of silence everyone. I'm about to announce that... finally it's vacation! Just think of our 2-week discussion for semi finals and we had over a month for finals. Wow just wow. I don't get to take blogger pictures recently because of so many things to accomplish bae ( Before anything else) Not all baes are for lovelife okay. Haha. I'm actually here just to spill the rants I want to tell. UGH. I can't imagine life without this word. Lol. Accounting why do you have to be so tricky picky. I told myself that I will get a perfect score because in my way of thinking, it's like I reached 2 mistakes last time and last quiz was a genius result too! I hate expectations but they're inevitable! They never left in real life. Last week, we squeezed ourselves from Management Case Analysis defense that's why another experience was added in my life. That's the moment I realized that I was born ( not to tell you I love you okay. Don't sing please. Haha ) in a white collar job, corporate world. It was really fun. I always thank myself for choosing this course like this is one of the best decisions I made in my life ( boom panot sa drama! ). It takes a lot of effort for us to come up with our decided problem about the case and also the selfies I mean groupies inside the multimedia room! That's my favorite part tbh! :) :) I can't wait also for our coming get away with my college friends. Wooh! It's gonna be so much fun just like our random moments I guess. Hahaha. We are the kind of people who walks near Rizal Avenue laughing like idiots and throwing up like drunkards! Accounting problems maybe? Always happen. We paid the bank for our resort fee several months ago so my friends and I are like come on let's go and play. XD I also can't wait for Tuesday. I'm gonna see him after a year. Finally. Any guess? Do you see it as a lover or something? :P HAHAHA. I just recalled when out of nowhere someone pm-ed me. "Pwede bang maging clown ng buhay mu?" I immediately burst into laugh when I read it! I will post the whole conversation whenever and wherever. It's so funny. I swear. So random. Hahahahahaha! We still have one last push for Monday which is the play/ theater finals for Humanities. I'm the Queen by the way <3 Don't you worry guys, I didn't convince our director which is my very very friend. I actually asked for a fairy role but she didn't allow me. I've always dreamed of becoming a moonlight pixie since. :( I will really savor the vacation as soon as everything's finally settled. Being a college student isn't a serious thing. It takes a lot of pimples which is fuck, eyebags another fuck, tears, effort, sacrifices and everything. Lol. I will watch a lot of Korean Dramas, barbie movies ( our play is related to barbie so I discovered that youtube offers a full hd movie! ), read books, sketch, study online ( not related to my course. I'm not a geek. ) & enjoy. Smile! We're not getting any younger at this second. Thankyou for dropping by. :)