Sunday, 20 April 2014

Holy week in La Virginia

I'm totally one of the people who enjoys summer in the most possible way! Like I never stayed home for consecutive days just before. Haha. It was one of a hell overnight swimming in the famous, La Virginia Hotel and Resort! I'm just disappointed why they can't build a man-made beach. Taal lake is somewhat buwis buhay stuff to develop tho. HAHAHA. My dad would always say how great such people made/ makes development around Mataas na kahoy. "Dati, bundok and kagubatan to, tingnan mo. Developed na talaga." Wonders of man and God! :) 

My cousin, Aila. This is the first time we had our real bonding because we don't talk that much before. We were just kids and now, I can't accept the fact that she's taller than me... An inch I guess. HAHAHA. Just like Jen. I don't understand how badass my genes are.

Thank God my dad bought me boxes of this brand. The chlorine in the pool is so strong. It's perfect to avoid frizz in my hair. 

The entrance costs 300 pesos and the cottage/ cabana/ hotel depends on what will you choose ofcourse. We stayed in an ifugao house with separated bedrooms for 8,000 pesos. They have many pools but we only tried those aren't that crowded. We tried the infinity pool and I'm like so thankful that I held the side of the pool because ugh 6 feet daw yung binabaan namin. Thank you Lord. Saka ako natakot nung nalaman ko yun. Grabe. I don't know how to swim so bad. HAHAHA. Thankyou Tito Poy and Tita Gles. Thankyou to my room mates and swimming buddies, Aila and Egi! We didn't take a lot of pictures because idk. La Virginia is so spacious more than you'll ever think!!!!! I tell you! It's just me and my dad who are addicted to picture takings. My dad threw up that late afternoon so I got no one to take photos. This is also the first time I appreciate root beer and now, I'm addicted to it!  Anyway, it's just relaxing being away from the city and social media. Holy week for me is all about disconnecting to reflect and spending time with the family. Thankyou Lord!

Patricia <3