Sunday, 6 April 2014

Summer in Pastel

I like the concept that I have a long hair but I'm not allowed to dye it again. Dying! Hahahaha.

Thankyou to my friends who took my ootd photos! I'm also thankful that they're very supportive and patient as well. Pastel colors will always a dream for me. Haha! I suddenly missed Karla and Maycy because I used to tell them to buy clothes with pop of colors! :D I wore an old blue see through top and matched it with my very very old pink tube. Okay. Let me explain about the purple skater skirt. HAHAHA. I like skater skirts now... only in exotic colors. Hahaha. They're nice, only I was bitter before. So mainstream. Before. Whenever you guys will go to the beach, make sure to bring your glamorous sunnies with you! When it comes to clothes, I can't really give a particular advice but choose cheap ( you'll use it once or twice ) and unique one ( don't join what's uso in the crowd ). Araso? Trust me. Chao because I still have to finish 10 episodes of the Korean Drama my friends and I were watching during our  sleep over. Do Min Joon my baby! <3  Have a fun summer vacation! 

Patricia <3