Friday, 18 April 2014

31 reasons to watch My love from another star

Do you know what is the worst kind of love triangle? The love triangle with the girl in the man’s memory.

  If you are following me on twitter, you would see me posting a lot of scenes from the Kdrama i'm watching! My addiction to this drama is the worst so far. Walang sinabi ang missing you and love rain eh. Haha. I don't really watch kpop kung anong matyempuhan then I'll go with it. Thanks to my friend, Joice for introducing the whole barkada to this Korean Drama! We started watching the first 7 or 8 episodes last time we had our sleep over at Almira's house. I miss you guys! :D I won't really tell the whole story because I'm just here to give a version of sales talk about love, drama and in-between. 

1. You'll laugh and love their cat and dog relationship at the beginning. It's cliche but definitely a different situation. The girl is just so kalog and the guy is really distant. For me, I like guys who are really silent, mysterious na yung may power. Boom Vaness! Hahaha. 

2. It's when a a guy came to defend and support you from trouble and all. It's just amazing when there's someone beside you. Guys who speak so well. <3 Hahaha.

3. This is my favorite part because I'm a huge fan of action and stuff. I really like the concept that Do Min Joon shi will kill the antagonist who is Lee Jae Kyung for Cheon Song Yi ( her loveydovey ). Guys who will always be there to protect his girl. <3

4. He is Lee Hwi Kyung, old friend of Cheon Song Yi who's been dying of her for 15 years. He never stopped chasing Cheon Song Yi after all the rejections he felt. He's a very good example of a real man. Don't give up if you really love the girl. Love is when her happiness is more important than his. :)

5. Awwwwweeeee this is my favorite part too! I can't stop smiling while watching them. HAHAHA. Cheon Song Yi is a very naughty girl. She thinks like a little girl. Do Min Joon shi has also a bad boy side ( a bit! ). "A SISSY? REALLY? WHO'S SISSY HUH?" para lang yan, pag sinabihan mong bakla ang isang lalaki. "Sinong bakla ha? Gusto mo halikan kita?" HAHAHA. 

6. Cheon Song Yi is one of my fashion icon now! She's very sophisticated and classy. Pero may tililing talaga siya. Napapasabi na lang ako na, "Ano ga to. Adik lang." Hahaha. For the boys out there, we all know that you hate loud girls pero lahat naman kasi luka. Ewan ko, wala pa akong nakikilala na hindi luka. Hahaha. Embrace her weirdness na lang. 

7. When a guy tolerates your boredom. HAHAHA. Nakarelate ako kay Cheon Song Yi kasi adik din ako maglaro sa cards. Bullshit lang naman alam ko. Gigil na gigil ako dyan. Yung tipong pag mananalo ako ay partida na sa pagyayabang and loud. HAHAHA. Tapos kaya ako kinikilig din kasi nga may power si Do Min Joon shi na mag-stop ng time. He stopped the time to arrange the winning cards for Cheon Song Yi. What a trick!! So cool.  HAHAHA.

8. We are all familiar from the saying, "When a girl plans for the future, it's normal. When a guy plans for the future, he's serious." Old gm's be like! HAHAHA. Nakakatawa sila panoorin kapag epic yung naiisip nila sa isa't isa kasi puro selosan and something. Don't overthink at times. 
 9. This is really heartbreaking. When a guy cries over you. Ako, hanga talaga ako sa mga lalaking naiyak. Iba. Kabog feels. 

10. Little things. You know for girls, couple shirts, love chain and etc are everything. Ang tunay na lalake, ready maging baduy para sa kanyang love. Hahahaha. 

11. She's the type of the girl you'll still laugh even if she's crying. She's oa but she means everything she says. "DO YOU HAVE NEVER LET YOU GO?!" :( 

12. This one is funny also!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAAH. My bae ( Do Min Joon shi ) has the abilities to hear things from afar. He heard that Cheon Song Yi will go for a jogging. He went to her to make suyo and stuff. I can't imagine someone with a shield or something so that people or ( Cheon Song Yi intendly ) won't notice her. HAHAHA. It's like, "I'm the one who always chases you. Effort effort din pag may time!" HAHAHA. When guys are pleasing>>>

13. One of the heartbreaking things in the world, masakit yung parehas nyo ng tatalikuran ang isa't isa at tatahakin ang kanya-kanyang daan. Masakit. 

14. When guys don't drink at all>>>. HAHAHAHA. First time niya maglasing kasi nga broken. Saklap, ang bilis mag throw up. Weak! Hahahaha. Pero ang cute cute cute talaga. 

15. When a guy fights for his feelings >>>. Yung ready na silang i-conquer ang mundo with their matchy matchy ootds. Black forever <3 

16. When he holds your hand while driving>>

17. When he helps you to practice a speech or something >>> tawang tawa din ako dito kasi nag gawa gawaan lang si girl ng sweet sweet script para kiligin siya tapos ma-awkward si boy. Hahaha. 

18. Clingy much?! Pagtimplahin mo naman ng kape oh! Tawang tawa talaga ako. Ewan. Havey eh! HAHAHAHA.

19. Every girls dream!!!! 

20. When he dresses for his girl >>>

21. Dinners at restau never gets old :)

22. When he prepares for a proposal. OMO

23. They have one thing in common! They're both crazy with each other <3

24. When he sings for you <3 <3 <3
 25. Selfies are everywhere so you don't know guys how much this means to a girl. ;)

26. Family oriented :)

27. Cheon Song Yi is addicted to chicken and beer! This is the time where Do Min Joon shi argued with it. Haha

28. I like how he tells his girl to avoid conflicts and fights all the time. He knows what's better. I only doubt  if girls could resist it. For me, no. I will investigate and stalk everything. Yes, hindi ako nagreact pero hindi ibig sabihin kita ko alam at nakita. Respect, bitches. Main rule :)

29. Sweet text messages >> Other says text is for loser but  since we're living in a modern world, we're into texting. We should appreciate the present and so are text messages. :) I only use viber and kakao talk but this Korean drama influenced me to download line too. That Lee Min Ho line account. HAHAHA.

30. This is so funny as well!!!! She danced my favorite song of Bruno Mars!!!! Hhahahaha. It became my favorite song because again, I was influenced by a wattpad story, 3W8L. HAHAHA.

31. Tbh, I don't like the ending. Hindi ko kasi masyado nagets. Nalito ako! Hahaha.

If you want to LOL then I highly recommend this Korean Drama. This is the best, I tell you. I will also wait for the GMA7 version of this on April 21! Too bad because ABS-CBN didn't get it first. It's too baduy knowing that their names are also changed. Matteo and Steffi?! How is that near to Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi? Boom Vaness! You can watch it here. Next in line? The heirs! It's better late than never!

Patricia <3