Sunday, 6 April 2014

Summer Escapade

   Uh uh uh oh oh. Why'd you have to go-oh away from home, me love! Lalalala hahaha. It was really a fun fun Friday for us! We call it Happy Fourever that will symbolize our friendship anniversary!

We even bought a cake with a candle on it to blow our wishes for the coming years of our lives. 

I always say this in my blog but I don't mind telling these again. I'm beyond blessed to be with them. 

They're truly my college treasure aside from the concept of my course and my yipee grades this sem! I will share it here in my blog since I promised my Dad not to post it in fb. This is the barkada I'm safe to say forever. I believe we will conquer the coming sems, qualify exams/ Top 90, ojt, graduation and board exam together. Hindi talaga ako magstostop sa paniniwalang yon. No. Hindi ako papayag. Hindi ko hahayaan. HAHAHA. 

This is what I really realized in college or maybe in this present time. What you think is what you become. If you really put your heart and deep dedication to something, trust me. You won't get disappointed. Not just once effort, but 10 times yourself. :) We're like the group of people who talk of bio lessons while eating a chicken about tendons, ligaments and bones. HAHAHA. 

We are also the crazy people who walk like drunkards while crossing the busy streets! Lol! Enough. 

We have so many secrets to keep in ourselves only, right friends? We are the bully people! THOSE FB GROUPIE CHATS AT NIGHT! HAHAHA.

Anyway! We had our summer escapade at La Sueña Brisa! It's located at the famous place of Nonong Casto, Lemery, Batangas.

We paid our entrance fee last January. Could you imagine how many months we waited for it?! Haha! We're planning for a farther destination next time! 

Actually the whole trip was really long and tiring. Napapaisip nga ako and I told them, buti na lang buhay pa talaga tayo! Feeling ko sa pinakadulo ng mundo kami galing. HAHAHA. 

The tricycle driver even asked, "San kayo sa Maynila?" "Ah. Wala bang magandang resort sa Batangas City?" Lol.

I'm not really a beach person but it made me realize not to be one because tan complexion isn't my thing at all. No. XD

I won't make this blogpost any longer but I would like to thank La Sueña personel for a good accomodation! Thanks to Kuya guard for lending us his lighter because I forgot for our friendship cake! Haha! Thanks to another Kuya who took our group photo because none of us own a monopod :( Hahaha. Lastly, thanks to Metrodeal! I love you so much girls ( Monie, Tintin, Clarissa, Joice, Glecie and Almira! ).