Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Texture that matters

    I've been a fashion blogger for years but I still can't catch my real taste. I don't know if it's girly, classy, glam but definitely not edgy and boho. Hahaha. I'm also dreaming for a coachella stuff but that's just impossible because it's not my style at all. Whenever I don't have new dresses, I opt to mix and match technique. It's funny how my mom will always find me all dolled up from old clothes and unexpected pieces. My first and foremost principle about fashion is.. Magsuot ka lang ng alam mong may dating. Yung walang katulad. Yung scene stealer. Yung may head turner effect and spark. Kung makikigaya ka sa uso, make sure you will still stand out. Trip mo magskater skirt? Choose a unique color. If you'll choose black or red na super common, dapat may pasabog sa top. There it goes. That's how I see fashion! :) I entitled it Texture that matters because my top and skirt have the same texture. I don't know if it's silk or nylon. I have no idea about fabrics and something. Haha. I will make a concrete research about it soon. Lol. My dad joined me in my photo shoot anyway. HAHAHA. I really like and love him. HAHAHA. It's like I have to tap my mom's shoulders to the highest level of victory because he found a man that's too funny in our lives. I'm considering myself to marry a guy who is a clown. Hahahaha. Just kidding. I can't wait to wear shoes at it's finest. Imagine, I'm living for almost 4 months of not wearing heels, booties, ballerina flats and more. Imagine. This isn't a girl thing anymore. HAHAHA. I'm praying, i'm praying. 

Patricia <3