Monday, 28 April 2014

10 things I learned from my Papa

1. It's all about the money, money we need money money money. We just wanna make our world dance and not to forget the price tag.

2. Humba is his signature dish now not Kaldereta anymore which means I have a new favorite.

3. Papa: Kumain ka ng ampalaya
    Me: Ayoko. Mapait
    Papa: Mas mapait ang mabigo sa pag-ibig

4. " Magkanong boundary mo?" He is the kind of person who knows a lot of people. Even if he doesn't, he will still talk to them about jeepneys, friends, family and everything that's under the sun. 

5. "Lagi kang magsisimula sa mababa. Huwag yung laging sa taas agad." 

6. Laughter is the best medicine. Me: Papa pagawa mo na yung water tank. Papa: Sige, kakausapin ko bukas si DOMENGsi. HAYST LAHAT KAMI NAUTAS.

7. Stop waiting, start doing. I'm a lazy person so my wait-lang style isn't acceptable for him.

8. He always brings a newspaper from abroad that's really inspiring. This time, he brought me one about a CPA who's a finance consultant in South Sudan at the age of 25. IMAGINE. He worked on SGV as his experience and yes, bigtime na sa Oil Industry sa youngest country in the world. I WILL STUDY HARD FOREVER.

9. Help people in whatever amount you can give. 

10. I will always be his apple of the eye even though we fight a lot. Papa's girl. Kasama sa inuman ng kanyang mga tropapips. Sabi niya tboom daw ako pero hindi niya alam nagiging boyish ako kapag kasama siya.  Panganay transformation problems. <3 

P.S. Sana hindi ako umiyak kapag umalis na siya bukas. Pls. 

Patricia <3