Monday, 14 April 2014

First year- 2nd sem treasures

SHARING YOU MY ALL LINE OF 1 DREAM COME TRUE IN COLLEGE!!! Woohoo!!!!!! Brag brag brag brag!!!!! I'm so happy I got to save my failing midterm grades in the end. I've experinced a lot/ got into trouble that resulted into a bombastic destruction. Haha. Oa. Honestly, who would survive ( survive talaga ) from a left foot external bleeding?! It happened last prelims. On the last day of our midterms, I forgot mg calculator that's why it turned out bad. "This will be the death of me" I told myself. And then I received my midterm grade in accounting... I was like... crying of ocean of tears every night for two weeks! I was so upset if I will shift or something just to escape failure. Oa as it sounds but that was the first time I received a grade in my life like that. Those were the days I used to not to sleep a lot because I'm crazy crying and studying each word that I'm going to read. Nevertheless, i'm thankful of what happened. Everything happens for a reason. I think if that didn't happen to me, I won't be able to wake up from reality. I thought that subject will always be like that. I've been following tumblr accountants that made me realized, 5 times reading is not enough. 10 times will suffice. It didn't disappoint me because I received 2 mistakes only which I said that will stay in my heart forever. Even if I got an amnesia, I will immediately shout when I wake up, "I got 98 on semis that's why im a legend!!!" HAHAHA.  I know for others, my grades are just a piece of cake especially to my father, because he said it's not uno so there's no reason to rejoice that much. Hahaha. I used to be scared whenever I will take major exams but this time, it changed me a lot. From semi finals and finals, I'm like "Patrice, it's now or never. Prada or laziness? You choose. Werk it out girl." Lol.  I am thankful of everything. I am no longer a freshman so yeah, party rock! Haha. Imagine?! I survived a course I didn't prepare of! I took a course where analyzing is a must skill which is my waterloo. I really learned to take challenges bravely. If I can't do it, just try. Never be afraid unless it's God. So this is a draft for a summa cum laude speech in the future. Why am I typing this long?! What am I fighting for?! HAHAHA. My point is, you guys study hard. HAHA. Actually, it's all about rewarding yourself from accomplishments. This is how I treat myself, I write a lot. I express my own thoughts and in my words. Kidding. That's a prayer! Hahaha. No matter what happens to me and my course, I will leave it to the future with the thinking of I WILL SUCCEED BECAUSE IM CRAZY ENOUGH TO THINK I CAN!!!!! Even if I cried a world of tears, I won't mind it because... it's worth the tears :) All the hardword paid off. Thank you Lord. I will strive for higher grades. I will do my best. Dean's lister is much sweeter the second time around! :) 

P.S. 2 sems down! 8 sems to go!!! FIGHTING!!! So that I could go to Seoul and find my own Do Min Joon shi. Hahahahaha.

Patricia <3