Friday, 2 May 2014

How to be a certified hipster

 I am honestly thinking of what to blog. I chose over new beginnings, love at the second time around and steps how to be a hipster. Someone gave me the last idea so let me see what I can write about this one. Can you guess where did my mom took these photos? I just forgot to turn on the hdr so hello to my favorite filter, M5! I have now an idea how to improve! Just be artsy and you'll find contentment. HAHAHA.

1. Check tumblr everyday

Back in first year high school, I was really clueless about "tumblr". It's just a year after my inner self convinced me to sign up and see what's the fuss all about. I miss my first tumblr actually. Lol. Tumblr is really amazing but it depends to your following people too. Tumblr is for cool people. I consider myself cool so I think it will make myself a hipster. Boom ano ba sinasabi ko. Mamaya may hindi na naman maka-gets. Close windows na lang po. Hehe.

2. Force yourself to idolize Avicii, Pharell, Icona Pop, One republic

I really admire people who don't join the crowd. I have nothing against Taylor Swift ( because I'm a swiftie I guess), Bruno Mars ( I died of his Just the way you are ) and other famous singers. There's something with people who find music on their own and discover what's the real stuff in life. You're hipster when a friend checks your phone and she's like... Youtube> Remembers her friend's playlist> Copycat

3. Empty game apps on your phone

THIS IS SO ME. ACTUALLY THIS IS ME. TBH, the idea came from this. Hello oomf! HAHAHA. You can't convince me anymore to play a game like flappy bird, temple run, candycrush or even online guy games ( Hey back in elementary I played counter strike, gta and RAN online where I was doubting if my character will be an archer or shaman! LOL, anyone? ) because I'm a failure! "Ayyy masyado ka namang hipster" :)

4. Good denim or ombre shorts will suffice

I can't tell what's the easiest explanation behind this reason no.4 but for me, hipster ka kapag cool ang shorts mo. Check Vanilla Breeze Clothing, there's a lot!

5. What's hipster by the way?

Hipster is a slang term that first appeared in 1940's  and was revived in the 1990's and 2000's often to describe types of young, recently-settled urban middle class adults and older teenagers with interests in NON-MAINSTREAM fashion and culture, particularly alternative music and independent rock. Boom nagtrivia! Sana before we say we are hipster alam natin ang meaning. It's actually my dream to become one. What now? Are you a kid that I never spotted in the crowd or the hipster that doesn't like mainstream creations? 

Patricia <3