Saturday, 18 January 2014


Hello everyone! I still have two drafts for my blog but I chose to publish the newest one because I'm gonna write a topic related to it in a deep constellation of thoughts once again. I opted for a black and white outfit because I feel so pro today! I feel so Liz Uy like just wearing jeans and unexpected shoesies ( but in my case, I still can't wear a pair of freaking shoes so yeah slippers will fcking do. HAHAHA. I'm so annoyed bc i'm suffering for a month already. Konting unawa pls. ) Don't you love my bag?? :) :) It's from Girbaud! I think if you're gonna buy a designer bag especially if you'll use your own bucks for it, you should invest first for an everyday black bag. It has a resemblance with a chanel bag too!  I swear to take care of this even until I had my kids and hubby. HAHAHA, okay that's oa. Yay, but seriously i'm so obsess to it like I didn't let go of it from the first time I held it. There's this strong affection thooo! >:)< 

  The things you ever wanted, you want for now or you'll surely want? I've always been confused of past, present and future.
  There are three things I always think of everytime I will enter the doors of buses: stuffs I left home, ticket and the place I will travel. What keeps you from going? I used to dream of becoming a teacher when I was a young dork. My mind changed that I've liked to become a doctor. As the large hand of the clock rotates with the short one, I forgot the essence of living. Time will come that you have to decide for what will you do in the future. I studied what I love, fashion. It talks about clothes, brands, travel, art and business. I thought I will end up studying tourism but sometimes, what you've planned isn't going to happen. Unplanned moments can be bad or good. I like unplanned things because  it shows that God is the only person who rules everything in our lives. You can ignore things but you can't move on from it easily. Life goes on to enjoy what's in present. A lot of people have told me, "I like what's in your mind. You're too cool to have so many plans in life to be so much guided in the path you'll take."  I'm grateful of myself because I think and write a lot. I like everything. I want to have different works in the coming years. I don't want to settle in a timid place in a daily routine instead of travelling to a different kind of life, meeting wonderful people, doing favors to help sincerely and more. This blogpost isn't enough to discuss everything that I want in future like I so much swear. But for me, my only dream is to touch people's lives in a good way. I wonder how is it fun or moving if I become a bartender in a bar, serving broken hearted people sobbing from their heartbreaks and tell, "For every rose that withers and dies, another blooms in its stead. You may have to cut that sentence, but there will be an even better one to replace it. I promise." 

Patricia <3