Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's resolution 2014

This is one of my traditional blogpost ever since I started blogging back in 2011. I can't believe it's my third already. Time flies really fast. 

1. Sleep/ Health/ Take care of myself
- 2013 is definitely a rough year but I learned so many things. I realize how important life is. This time, I will really push myself into a different level of healthy lifestyle. I want to gain so much inches for real. I want to have a white skin. Everything actually! HAHAHA. I promise not to stay that late also because of scroll scroll addiction in tumblr, twitter and IG! I don't visit fb that much. I just watched the VSFS 2013 and I think I'm gonna do things in hardcore this time. 

2. Unfollow several accounts in IG.
- I follow a lot of celebrities and fashion expert. I realized sometimes it's better to be clueless after all they're just a waste of time. Lol.

3. Get my dream final grades in Accounting. 
- According to candymag, it's better to be particular when it comes to new year's resolution so that you won't lose your track. Ofcourse, Accounting will never be easy unless I put my overall dedication and heart in it. I know, I can do it because what I think is what I become. :) #CheerYourself

- I won't elaborate it that much because I don't like. This will serve as my code for it. Haha. I will just save it all to myself. :)

5. Be money wise. Don't buy clothes anymore. Please. Just please. #Impossible
- haha. Imagine how I'm so kuripot when it comes to buying myself a ten-peso palamig but when I see a hot stuff? Ugh unstoppable. Pero eto na talaga. Etong eto na. Kailangan ko na mag-ipon para sa family, future business and everything. Naks. I speak like an adult in this resolution. =))

6. Start something that will give me extra money. :)

- 2013 is the only year I didn't sell something to my friends hahaha. I'm still thinking of good products. I will be extra smart this time! hahaha. Thanks  to my course. 

7. Books
- Last year, I read a lot! This year I want more. Nagsisisi ako nung bata ako na hindi ako nakinig na magbasa at magbasa. Anyway, uso bumawi. :D

8. Get back to my sketches
- My camera roll is consist of selfies, blogger pictures and yes sketches!! Too bad I neglected all of them this season. Definitely one of my stress reliever in life. I'll come back, soon! :D

9. Find another discovery
- This is what I love about myself. I don't stop searching for things that are really interested. I'm looking for something like crafts I would settle or focus on in a long time. Hahaha. Idrk what's next but I always relate all of them to make a huge oohmp someday. Something that will conquer the world. Weird.

10. Avoid insta-shame. Be yourself. Yolo. Make things that will make myself and others happy.
- I really admire Cara for being the fearless woman on Earth. Shyness and Consciousness will never help us in growing and finding stuffs for a lifetime. BE WHO YOU ARE AND SAY WHAT YOU FEEL. 

Patricia <3