Friday, 3 January 2014

Fearless Fashion: Trust your guts

Finally I got to take ootd's again. It's been awhile because I felt lazy, I was busy ( hmmm really? Haha ) and oh sorry no more reason. I went for a Fridate with my college friends. We watched Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy and ofcourse, it's funny. Haha. We also stayed near the church to make tambay ( sorry Lord :( Just being honesto ). Having the keen observer heart in me, I noticed a man wearing a white suit or tuxedo ( Idrk what's the difference, just correct me if you have time, lol ). I asked my friends, "Huh? Yun kaya yung groom?" Monie answered, "Hindi siya yung broom." Lol!! Others said, "Baka ninong or tatay?" But I have this big feeling that, "No. Sobrang ayos siya and nasesense ko talaga." We decided to watch the wedding since we're  nowhere to go. Woah. I was right!! Siya nga yung groom. Para kasing medyo oldies na hindi that's why I doubted. Okay, why did I tell about these in the first place? Most of the time, we people should trust our instincts. That's all thankyou. Lol. I won't elaborate it that much because  I don't know how will I write it here. I just miss having a reflection notebook from our Values Education subject ( Naks! Ang bait ko talaga! ). I remembered what I saw from tumblr weeks ago. "My thoughts are like constellations I can't fathom". This is so me. This 2014, I will try my really best to write deep compositions. Ahhhh. My favorite local tumblr writer is Erika Rabara. She's so gorg and a good writer. I will train myself next blogpost. Stay tuned because I will add some drama. Haha. I thought of wearing jeans again, sharjah top given by my lola, bag from my lola again ( okay. Again isn't her name ah! Haha) and flat sandals because of my foot problem. I can't wait to wear my shoesies!! Big thanks to my awesome friend, Monieminaj for taking my ootd photos. I had a great time with you guys, forever and ever. Sana maging cpa na tayo. Tagal eh. Haha. Thanks for dropping by!

Patricia <3