Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Anyeonghaseyo!! Aside from being a huge fan of American people, Koreans are definitely next to my list. Yay. I told in my blog before that I wanted to have a Korean jowawakels if I meet one. This time I hitting for a chinese! *whistles whistles to Henry Sy's relatives with the same age or a year ahead* I've been thinking so hard about United Colors of Benetton!  Okay. I'm just kidding like all tthe time. Hahaha. I wore this outfit from a usual Sunday and midterm practice in PE. I'm so happy because I got to put liquid eyeliners again! I used to hate make-ups when I was young but when I discover the glam in it, totally amazing. I love how fearless I am when it comes in wearing prints on print. I'm always fearless in fashion anyway so what's the point of emphasizing things, right? Nobody can stop me. Hihihi.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

  Opposite poles attract. Men are for women; Women are for men. Don't get me wrong about what I'll say but to be honest, it's all in the heart-- love.

  From the ancient times, men are superior than women. The debate about the two never fades. Why did God create man first before a woman? I can't blame myself for being bias because I'm a woman. I believe that the second creations are always the best. The first will always be a draft of perfection. Actually I despise all of them. I mean, how is it awful that they never had a wishful thinking of swallowing by the ground whenever we receive our monthly visit? They're obviously stupid. They never realize the feeling of being a girl at all. They're truly unfair. On situations like there's a bad guy with a collection of girls, why is it cute and attractive to many? They always see girls as stubborn and hard-headed individuals. The feeling is mutual. On the brighter side, we are all unique. I just wondered, if you're unique, I'm also one so what's the real point about the true meaning of UNIQUENESS when we're all? I hope you're getting me.  We have different point of views in life. I somehow adore dudes out there. I'm always amaze because they've mastered the skills in ignoring things and not over-thinking about everything. I like it when a guy's good in Math. I'm also good in Algebra anyway so we're meant to be in a way lol. I always wonder how it feels to get kilig when you're actually a guy. I mean do they laugh and scream so hard when they receive sweet messages from girls? Do they hit their bestfriend on their shoulders or pinch the arms of their siblings when a girl they like agreed to him that he can officially ask her out? DO THEY? They will just simply smile or be calm at the moment. I doubt if guys totally do what I've wondered. Lol. I like seeing couples, particularly when a guy immediately pulls the girl on his side if there's a vehicle near her when actually it's not. It's a major turn on when a guy loves to read. I salute guys who always sing lovely songs for their girls just to make the girl shiver in a good way. I can't disagree that girls aren't freak because we really are. We seek for attention and care. We need understanding and just have a companion whenever we tell our stories. It's a tickle in pink aura when guys simply ask how's the day. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus because we're all completely different to each other. I can never tell what's the big deal about this but from what I've seen so far, it all depends in the two people. 

Patricia <3