Monday, 27 January 2014

Think Pink

Okay, so this is a late post from Ate Fatima's/ Amii's Debut last January 18 held at Ginazel's! The color theme was pink and green and there's no doubt that I'm going to wear in pink since I have lotsa in that color! Happy Birthday again Ate Fatima! You will always be my idol back in elementary because she's so smart, talened and all  plus I will never forget your craziness back then! Super close kasi ng parents and kapatid namin. We are also close, okay! Haha. Time flies really fast. I wish you all happiness in life! <3

I'm going to share something I got from my tumblr timeline. I hope you like this post! Have a happy Monday to you all! :)

“You spent six months wondering if it was your fault. No, it wasn’t. It never was. I know you’re tired of telling yourself goodnight and buying flowers to put on your desk to feel special. It’s fucking scary to let someone in when the fence you’ve built around your heart just started growing jasmine and you were about to paint that fence pink. If you like it there, you don’t have to knock it down. Just let someone talk to you through it until you’re ready. I know you’re waiting for someone to ask you deep questions or how you got that scar on your forehead. You’re a hopeless romantic, you’re waiting for that movie love…anything short of that, you are disappointed. If I could find someone that can look past your blue eyes and yearn to know everything about you, I think you might feel a little more at home. But you don’t know where home is and a man with a soft touch won’t help you find it right away. Go paint the fence around your heart pink and tell yourself that you are beautiful before you fall asleep. Because you spent six months wondering if it was your fault and I won’t let you spend another day wondering if you are someone’s first thought in the morning. You are mine and mine you will be until a man is willing to cross the universe for you. That’s what you deserve.”
(via poignantic)

Patricia <3