Monday, 30 December 2013

Things that made 2013 awesome

1.) My school, course & friends

 Even though I didn't make it through my dream school, I still found the biggest reason to be motivated.  My course is really unplanned at the same time. Thank God, I really chose accountancy. It really exposes me to wide opportunities in present and ofcourse, the future. I also couldn't be more thankful of my college friends. Back in high school, my first year wasn't that fun. I prayed for an I knew you were trouble section in second year. Luckily, God granted my wish! After it, I wanted to belong in a group where I will feel geek or something. That year, God granted my wish again. He also gave a loving adviser that I really trusted my stories. That was the time I experienced of not going in the canteen for a recess because it will be akward if I did because all of my classmates were bowing their pretty heads to the book! Third year is probably a challenge to run for good grades. Lastly in fourth year, I realized that I haven't had a male adviser. Yes, too lucky again because God granted it once again. Fourth year is definitely one of the happiest year ever because you're in the line of being free and all... but Physics? Don't remind me of that subject again! Haha. Now, I'm blessed for my wish to be granted  again. I prayed to have a set of good friends and yes, have one vice ganda-ish in the group! They are really good people. They're all smart in their own way that's why it's really a big challenge for me to strive more. I found a group where leaving isn't an option. One of my dream is to be part of the dean's lister/ university scholar in college atleast once in my life. I'm so grateful that God gave it to me at the beginning immediately. Thank you Lord for the good professors. They don't teach acads but also life-long lessons. I will study hard as long as I can. Hearts everywhere. 

2.) I still have a complete family. Don't get me wrong. There's no a major prob in our family. What I mean is, my mom and dad are still alive. Not all children are blessed just like me. It only means I still have a plenty of time to repay their unconditional love and good deeds for me and my little brother. I always pray that I shoud die first before them. I know this is a what a wish thought pero okay lang talaga basta okay sila. Sweet ko talaga!! Pero seryoso, kahit hindi matupad lahat ng gusto ko pero ito lang equals forever na!

3.) I met my future husband and queen! Guess who? haha Derrick!!!!!!! I still can't get over. I got the chance to have pictures with him. I got to hold his hand for almost 20 seconds. I wanna scream and shout and let it all out!!!!! Hahahahaha. The first time I saw him wasn't that great. I DO BELIEVE IN SECOND CHANCES! <3 He's the only celebrity guy who's really my ideal man. He is tall. Toned. Emegesh. I'm drooling for years. Haha. He got the sense of humor. He's really a quirkish person. :P On the other hand, I met the queen of fashion here in Philippines, Laureen Uy. She featured me in her blog. :P She said that I made her day. She remembered every little details I told about her. I'm one lucky girl. Thankyou Lord. :D

4.) Potatoes gonna potate. If you get what I mean? :) may be a bit of tricky but I swear not to use that website/ app again. Haha. I will just use it for my crush purposes! :D I learned that you can't please people around you. My 1 like = 1 prayer sincerely goes to them. I hope they won't do it again. I might consult my witch friend the next time! Hihihi. >:D< You are just there to watch and read. Shattap na lang pls? I hope people are more annoyed right now! Kunot noo> Stressed> Mabilis kayong tatanda> Belat! Hahaha. When life hands me lemons, I say. "Oh yeah. I like lemons! What else ya got?" 😎  #KilledIt

6. People with lovely thoughts. 
It goes with close friends, family, tumblr!! & messages. Sa mga advices, friendship, sa mga pagtuturo sa accounting, blogging, kahit ano. Thankyou especially for the number game messages. I'm so kilig. My two favorite messages are Sandra's and Ysa's. "11.11 Childhood textmaaaate! :') Miss na kitaaaa. Tpos nung nkta kita sa sm, omg bagui na baguiiii hahaha ganda <3" and  "#11.11 I know you'll be a successful person. Both in the fashion and corporate world. Good luck! ;D”. I wish. <3 <3

7. I'm not a religous person but I do believe in God. I now practice reading every morning the daily readings in my bible app. Hopefully maging mabait na ako. Lalo na sa coming days. :) I didn't expect I will witness something miraculous. There's these two women who came by from a trip and fortunately the other one is a far-relative. They were both massaging us when something omasdfghjkl happened. I took the chance of being healed because of my left foot. I realized that everything we do must be according to God. We should follow his words like seriously. "To see is to believe not to believe is to see." Do good things to your brothers and sisters. Let go of hate. Spread the love of God. That was one of my once in a lifetime moment. 

  There you go! I can't believe it, 2013 is about to end in few hours. Thank God, I survived! I can't wait to share my New year's resolution also. This time I will be particular in listing all of them so that I won't lost my drive till the last day of 2014. Dec. 31 is also a significant day for accounting and auditing personnel. Hahaha. Adjusting entries, goodluck! Don't let the statement understated or overstated. School time is getting nearer and whatever. Hello Bio prelims and other subjects results. I always include you in my 11:11. Happy New year to everyone! Happy ako para sa mga taong nasa TimeSquare ngayon. Wait nyo lang ako dyan, makikigulo ako next 5 years! :)) 

Patricia <3