Friday, 6 September 2013

Farewell my baby

Have you a dog in heaven, Lord?
Is there room for just one more?
Cause my little dog died today;
She'll be waiting at your door.
Please take her into Heaven, Lord.
And keep her there for me. 
Just feed him, pet him, love him, Lord,
That's all she'll ask of Thee.

Taking care of dogs is one of the things I didn't expect in my life. I grew up with pakalat kalat cats in our old place that's when I saw those 2 dogs, I knew I'm gonna love them forever. When Mickey died last August 10, I really cried so well. It's really heartbreaking. This morning, it happened again. My Tonya, has gave up her life to God. I was studying for a quiz in Accounting when my mom screamed, "Si Tonya!". I ran immediately to see it. Tonya was lying and her eyes were just like Mickey's before her death. I went in front of her, "Tonya!" She didn't response. She's just lying and I think she's already barely breathing. I earthquake-D her shelter. ( I moved them rapidly para magising siya kasi pumipikit na talaga siya. Alam ko na sa sarili ko na ito na yon, alam ko namang aalis na talaga siya kasi she's suffering hard from dog's lice tapos hindi na talaga siya pasaway and loud dog ever. Alam ko naman eh. Pero ang sakit pa rin kasi kahit alam mo na mawawala na sayo yung bagay, nag-expect ka na NO, she'll be okay in time.) It was a success na hindi niya pinikit mga mata niya and napaluguan pa namin siya and applied the shampoo that Monie told me to cure her nga. It was really unexpected when I checked my phone during our Fil class, 11:38 AM. Mom: "Patay na si Tonya". It broke my heart...

  Tonya, you know that I love you more than Mickey. Hayst. You're one of the best sister ever! I treat them sisters because my mom treats them like her children too. You are my buddy whenever there's no one I have to talk with. You are my toy sometimes because I'm so gigil with you! I like pinching your face, anything that's cute in you, I will do. You are so cute and so lovely creature. I miss seeing you rolling yourself after your bath. I'll miss your shower sessions. I'll miss everything. I can't believe times flies so fast that God has finally called for you my little angel. I'm still lucky because we met! I'm so blessed to share a life with you. You and Mickey are irreplaceable. I love you both. I cried in our room and hugged Monie. Natawa ako na na kasalanan daw niya, late na kasi kami nakapag open about our pets. Huhu. Pero natawa talaga ako na kasalanan niya daw! HAHAHA. Naiisip ko baka mapanaginipan ko si Tonya tapos gagayahin si Anna Kendrick na magcucups tapos kakanta na, you're gonna miss when I'm gone! :(((( 

  You'll stay here in my heart, forever! Love you two! Thanks for reading and understanding with sympathy. <3

Patricia <3