Thursday, 12 September 2013

Black is sexy

  This morning, I checked my wardrobe to see what I'm going to wear. I held a candies dress at first but decided into my LBD instead. I came up with an all black attire. I'm still mourning for Tonya :( My high school friends can't believe she's already gone. I'm so touch with my college friends too, natawa ako na nakatambay kami sa may cr tapos sabi ni Glecie, "Sinong iniintay natin dito?" Monie said, "Wala, nakikiramay ka friend." lol I miss her already. We have a nearest pet shop here, I'm eyeing a white with choco fur shitzu. It's so small and cute from afar! haha I'm imagining her name as Chloe, omg. Money please or rich boyfriend please. HAHAHA. If I'll have a lover in the future, I won't let him give me or I won't give him a dog because we won't end up together. Just read from Vern's formspring! There it happened to her and Dondi! She has a new lovelife now while Dondi is enjoying his life climbing on mountains and other healthy life style stuffs. I know too much, I do believe I have a space for The Buzz or Star Talk industry. I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN AB COMMUNICATIONS! My fourth choice, seriously. HAHAHA. If you're a loyal reader of mine, you'll notice that I write a lot because hell yeah, I think too much. I guess, I can't change my real self for formality. :p

Dress: Mint; Belt: Get Laud; Heels: Gibi; Watch: Swatch

  I've worn this million of times and I always have to tell that if you're buying a new dress this season, oh la la! Check your wardrobe first and you're might missing a piece of Little Black Dress! Lucky to find this at Mint!

  I'm getting fatter and fatter till the fattest version of myself. I don't know what to do because I want to gain height but UHHH WHATEVER. :>

  You can never go wrong with Black, I swear. Make sure you have a pair of black pumps that you can use in whatever you'll wear. A black sling bag, too!

  Meet my love! NESEYE NE ENG LEHET, MENEMEHEL KETENG TEPET. Grab your Candymag September issue now! 2 more issues and it's already my 2nd anniversary of collecting Candymag!! :) * Sa panahon ngayon, hindi kailangan ng lovelife para mag-anniversary dahil nandyan naman ang candymag lol* I'm a true blue Candy girl! When I reach 20 years old, I'll transfer to VOGUE!! Yes, another dream magazine. :) This is late post by the way! I found a time for this blogpost after semi finals! It went good except for Accounting. I didn't study well on the last part. I hope the last part won't cost that much! I'm gonna kill myself if ever. This is so frustrating. :( We checked our Algebra results, it's not line of 9 this time. When you round it off, close enough naman. I think it's good enough compared to others HAHAHA YABANG SHET. Ako lang talaga yung nag-iisang babae sa room na ang hilig magpadagdag ng score sa professor sa results, aba sayang naman 6 points ko. Close na tuloy kami ni Mam Maganda. :"> Hindi ako makapaniwala na yun lang. Pati guys, may hinahabol ako kaya kung kailangan dumanak ang dugo, makikipagpatayan ako sa studies. College foundation, next week. I don't care, I love it! =)))  Just keep in mind that you are what you wear. Dress to express not to impress! Email me at for collaborations and drop your comments here.

P.S. I want a red lipstick from REVLON. The one I like costs for 475 pesos. Red shade please. I'll study hard so that I'll get good grades and my mum will be you know. HAHAHA. I'm trying to keep in mind how to save money. I realized, " Kunwari may pamilya na ako." What do you think? Christmas is getting nearer. Shoe size: 8; Dress and Tops: Medium; Jeans: 27; I love strawberries, lipstick, accessories please haha and everything. I love myself so much. I love you all! HAHAHAHA.

  Throwback Thursday. I miss my short hair. =))) I love you, Tonya!