Thursday, 5 September 2013

Behind The Scenes

    When you hear a song and every single word perfectly describes your situation... AH! Who's with me? :) This morning, I woke up from a bad dream. It's so creepy. I was really scared. The thought of I don't watch scary movies now since  last year, tapos mananaginip ka ng ganon? WOAH. :)) Actually that's not the real story. I was studying for our NatSci quiz when I heard the old songs from the radio. :( I grew up hearing them. Example? Through the years! haha wala lang. Na-appreciate ko na siya. Maganda pala yung song. Tapos wala lang. Mahalaga pala ang word na, Appreciation. Big word, it is.

  Talking of random things about fashion while the shoot is going on.

   This path is very artistic. I still remember when I met a good photographer in Laguna but she's from Manila. She told us na madaming ideas whenever may daan. You can go happy and drama through it.

   I have no idea why I was pointing out Rica. :3

  Sun kissed.
   Failure is my style! lol. I heard a lot of "HOLD IT" from Ate Apz that day. The story from that photo is, she was asking us to give our best shot tapos she'll shout hold eh di'ba we're moving, so ang lola nyo, enjoy na enjoy sa paglalakad at dahil I have big booties, ayon, didn't do the freeze thing! hahaha

Ang saya ni Rica dito!!!

   Sige, tingin lang!

  A lot of people asked me, Patrice para saan yung photoshoot nyo? Sinong mga kasama mo? It was a cross deal photoshoot to which both of us are going to receive benefits ( the photographer & us models naks, feel na feel! ) The photographer will earn photos to be included in her portfolio while us, we'll receive soft copies of them. I really learned so many things that day. "Be wise enough not to be reckless, but brave enough to take great risks." It's when you do things you really love independently. :) Our semi finals will be held next week! I'm so excited haha ( Whenever I see big things to come, I think those na matatapos din yan, lilipas din yan. Just do your best in everything you do. For God, Family, Myself and my fashion dreams. Keri itech!) My quiz in Math. I'm so careless. :(( While NatSci quizzes are really awesome. 41/40 and 35/35. I'm inlove with my brain that time (only). Please Lord, give me more swerte next week. Please. I promise to be good this time. ;) And oh, I want to share my experience about taking care of the rats for our Psychology subject. IT WAS NOT REALLY NICE. THE SMELL. THOSE WORRIES. Imagine, I woke up today at 7. I immediately checked them only to find out that one rats has gone to the top of the container. My mom and I were worrying na what if hindi agad na-check which means tatalon yung rat and mamatay. HUHUHU. God really loves me. Thankyou Lord! So there it ends.

Patricia <3