Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Think of Happy Thoughts

  Life is like a transaction, it needs to be balanced all the time. For example, you gain cash from your revenues, your cash will debit and your revenue will credit at the same time. #PushMoYanPatrice lol. Life has its ups and downs. There are times you'll explode of so many funny sessions with your favorite people and at the end of the day, you'll cry  over things. If you can't relate with me, think again. 

1. Open your windows. You have to get up and avoid staying late on bed. It makes you lazy and it will affect your mood the whole day. You have to do things and be productive especially on mornings. Start your day right.

2. Let's get physical! When was the last time you have worn your running shoes? Stretch your muscles and do simple meditation with yoga routines also.

3. Reunite with your family. There's nothing more than spending a little of your time with them by having small dinner. Take pictures, talk of issues and laugh out loud all those crazy things under the sun. 

4. Lunch dates are somehow dedicated to our trusted friends. Go to a not so familiar restaurant and have good food with you. It's a matter of deep conversations too!

5. Appreciate compliments from people. Whatever they tell you, as long as it boosts your inner confidence, accept it. Those simple, "Uy ganda mo!" "Yie, galing mo naman!". All those little things!

6. Read good books in a silent place with oh-so-relaxing musics. Linger is the perfect song or any forever 21 songs and yeah ofc, Regina Spektor! I always tell myself, " Have faith Patrice, you'll be good in English sooner." It takes time. :)

7. Reward yourself. Buy something you've been eyeing for so long. Treat your friends when you're sad!! Remember, seeing people happy makes you happy too!

8.  Serendipity, big word. 

9. Thank God for everything. Spill your prayers. Tell your secrets to him. Ask for forgiveness. Love him and do things according to his will.

Make happy happen! Mag-enervon. Joke. =)) Thankyou for always reading my blog. Have good times all throughout. Au Revoir!

Patricia <3