Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fell under the spell

"Don't you ever say
I just walked away
I will always want you. 
I can't live a lie,
running for my life.
I will always want you."

That is my favorite part. I don't know but I really like the song. Don't judge Miley ( naks. Defender! ) Don't judge me. Don't judge others. Why? We are people not a judge. HAHAHA. Sabaw mo kanin, Patrice!!! I was so intrigued from Miley. I just recalled that I saw a picture of her and Liam. Kasi all this time, I thought, it's really the fault of that Liam Hemsworth guy pero  nung naalala ko yung page sa candy na nasa airport sila tapos si Miley boycut na tapos may dala silang dog. They're still okay. Sakit lang, alam mo yun ikakasal na kasi sila... biglang schnapps! :(

  I wore an old dress from F/X Fashion. I paired it with my Ninang's gift a long time ago from Ann Taylor. I opted to ballerina flats from Solemate. 

  I used this sling bag given by my aunties again. :)

  I'm reading a new book entitled, "Fallen" by Lauren Kate. I've known this book for so long and it's just only now! lol I also have one book pending in my reading list I borrowed from my cousin, "Diary ng Panget 1" by Have you seen this girl. I've know this book for so long also.I already started reading it when I was still in 4th year high school but due to my laziness, I stopped on the first chapter. I find it boring and not too realistic. She's living in her own, renting an apartment and she crossed her windows because she doesn't have bucks to pay like really? :)) But everybody seems to like it so I have to find what's that fuss all about. And!!! There's a book released of my all time favorite wattpad story, THREE WORDS EIGHT LETTERS IF YOU SAY IT I'M YOURS. It's Kean my baby! :"> Wow, I sound like a bookish! all stuffs about love only <3 haha 

  I look so happy in this photo! I was so bored the whole Sunday like I want to kill myself except in the afternoon! I watched the whole live stream of UAAP CHEERDANCE COMPETITION 2013! Not so goosebumps compared from the last year but it was great too. I saw Jeron Teng <3 Natawa ako sa tweet ni Vice Ganda na kung nagtwerk daw si Jeron, panalo daw Dlsu. =))))

  If you have a boring dress, pair it with a petite cardigan. Always a win! I love earthly colors but sometimes you have to break the color variations that's why I added a pop of color from my neon flats! Don't you love it? Again, thanks for dropping by. Uy salamat sa lahat ng nagbabasa ng blog ko because I heard ( naks haha twenty pesos per view dapat haha jk ) I saw my last blogpost views, nakakakilig. :"> <3

P.S. Speaking of  kilig, Vern Enciso and David Guison are having love affair!! OMG SHAIRA AND I ARE THE HAPPIEST talaga. Yung mga comments namin sa insta! Pati sina Julia Baretto at Derrick Monasterio! We are wishing all the best for you guys. HAHAHA. 

PS Photos of what I've mentioned earlier. :)

  It breaks my heart. 

Patricia <3