Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Don't rush things

  Dress can't be fashionable without a twist. I remember when my friend asked me about how can she buy good pieces of clothes. I told her this, "Seriously I have no idea. It depends but for me, I settle for alam mo yung may dating. Something unique, eye candy, or neutral with a pop of color and classy." Today, I went with my friend, Joice, in a meeting for school errands about our corporate uniform next year! I just love that my fashion interest about hearing talks from designers/ pro never fades. This is one of the reasons why I love my course. A white collar job is such a cool motivation. 


Happy Birthday again Sofia! I love you so much baby!

  I just had my worst situation ever. I'm such a clumsy girl ever since. I always get bruises, wounds, accidents ( Hit and run by a jeepney when I was in Grade 5. That moment when I realized how I'm still lucky to be alive. Wee. I'm a cat maybe? Nine lives? What do you think? Hahaha. ) and whatever but this one is probably the huhu-est. My left shoe was filled with blood that night. I swear not to be like this careless anymore. Who knows this would be my last chance? Aw. No. I learned not to walk or rush things so fast. I also conquered my alcohol fear! Can you imagine how painful to put it within your ankle foot cut? I cried buckets of tears. I'm now okay. Time heals. Take Care also! Finally done with prelims! Goodbye coffees! Merry Christmas! Thanks for dropping by!

Patricia <3