Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A piece of fashion advice

Sundays be like, "Gosh. What to wear?". Haha. Being a girl is kind of funny. Girls won't settle in few pieces only. They will find their way to collect different clothes, always. So here's the big solution for our not so new problems. 
1.) Collect basics 
- when we say basics, you will find first a white crisp top, a pair of trusted jeans, formal dress, ballerina flats and chunky high heels! 
2.) Arrange your wardrobe in organize colors. It's easy to find what to wear because sometimes colors define your mood.
3.) In a dress, it's really hard to mix and match because it's a one whole garment.  Try to add a pop of color through vest or cardigan.
4.) Don't reveal everything. You decided to wear a cropped top and you opted for a pair of shorts? Have it balance. Don't show too much skin. According to the magazine I've been subscribing for ages,  Candymag, the more you hide, the more they wonder! It's a huge truth. But I don't have anything against people who wear skimpy outfits. It depends on everyone's style! 
5.) Whatever brand or style you're wearing, heads up and show people a bright smile! 

Patricia <3