Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Leaving you voiceless goes to

  Every morning, I always check first my instagram and read daily readings on my bible app! :P My newsfeed is always flooded by my international favorite blogger, Chiara Ferragni. Most of the time I check people's comments to her photos. I read, "When will it be #TheBlondeSaladGoesToHome ?" Another one is, "For God's sake. Please stay for a week in a place!" Lol. She's an Italian but most of the time she's in Los Angeles. She always travel everytime. She's currently in Miami now. The last time was in Malibu. Hahaha. This is a late post already. I will be squeezing with books for our next week prelims! Let's kill it! Can't wait for Christmas!! :)

Patricia <3