Sunday, 22 December 2013

Happy Holidays

  I went for a Christmas treat for myself all alone... Just kidding! Haha. I was with my mom. Yeah, I survived without having any hassle at all. I'm so grateful that all stuffs I bought are worth of every penny! That's what I love about myself. I only buy things which are sulit! What's sulit mommy? :p Lmao. 

  You just saw my ngiting-tagumpay photos! I didn't wear anything dressy because all I want to do is to stay focus on my way. I'm so thankful that my mom is always there to support my kaartehan whenever. Haha. I paid our fare anyway, yieee yaman ko naman. I think I almost paid everything? Almost? Everything? Hahaha. I can't wait when I get thereeeeee. If you know what I mean? :)

  I was really busy searching for stuffs when I heard my mom's talking with someone. Hi Shaira!! Missed you! :) :)

  Don't you love seeing yellow tags? I'm a huge fan!! Who says Philippines is experiencing poverty? Yay! I hope everyone has already done their Christmas shopping! Don't forget to include me in your gift list, okay? Size 9, XS in american size because I saw my reader's engine! I have few readers in States!! I bet they're my uncle and aunties living there. Haha. size 27! Have a wonderful time of the year. Make it safe! Hihi. Thanks for dropping by! Merry Christmas!