Monday, 23 December 2013

Ranting sessions nevermore

  It's been a week of wearing slippers. I even bought  barbie slippers for Christmas to make the outfit good. I'm crossing my fingers to still come up with my planned look! It's also nice that flats are on this year. Few more hours and it's Christmas! I can't wait! :D I have to agree that some people are really annoying that they rant like, "Hindi ko feel ang Pasko." What do you guys expect. Accept what's happening and enjoy every moment because in few more days another rant will be on! "Please be good to me 2014." and the last one? "Shet. Pasukan na naman." HAHAHA. See, just enjoy the holidays because things will never be the same for the next time around. I'll be leaving this blogpost short because I'm saving to my coming posts! Thanks for dropping by! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Spread love!!  :)

Patricia <3