Wednesday, 27 November 2013

List of little things that make life even better

   Cough & colds + headaches + fever = I'm gonna die now. Haha. The last time I felt sick was summer! I didn't show it to my mom that night because she won't allow me to go on Bene's outing, that's for sure. What a sneaky kid! Just like Verniece's old blogpost, I'm gonna blog this topic because I'm also sick! HAHAHA. 

1.) Good grades ( I appreciate myself whenever I get high scores or just simply confirm to myself that I understand the lesson especially this college. It's another simple thing that can easily make your parents proud. )
2.) Ice cream ( Rainbow paddle pop is my favorite. Cheap yet tumblristic look. ) 
3.) Kids ( I miss my old high school classmates' siblings/ cousins. I'm so close to them. I miss playing with them. On the brighter side, I have cutie cousins too! I'm so proud because girls are now running our family world especially on my father's side! Well, ako pa din ang panganay sa magpipinsan na babae. Haha )
4.) Music ( I love party party musics! haha Something Avicii-ish, Swiftish & random because it's up to my mood! lol )
5.) Blog readers ( Especially if they find their free time just to read :* )
6.) Good book ( It improves your vocabulary! yeah! I'm not that poor anymore in it. I'm getting good scores in our English exercises. I't's time to say goodbye to my Grade 2.00 in that subject! Haha. )
7.)  When my closing entry / opening entry / statement of financial position are balance! Hihihi. I love the first chapter. I promise to love this major like what I have done in Math last sem. HAHAHA. #AccountingProbs
8.) Get together ( Old friends/ HS times/ Family & relatives ) whatever it is. It's just nice seeing people after a long time!
9.) HUGS! ( Psychological fact! )
10.) Quotes ( Call me addict but I can't get off my bed without checking instagram and tumblr first. I always look for good quotes I will live by to start my day right.) "What you think is what you become." This is really true. This time I will not see life's hard. Everything can be studied and worked on. 5 years from now, I can see myself happier as ever because I survived the qualifying test, major exams and ofcourse, the board exam! I want to become Chiara Ferragni in the future too. :"> I want to study law for the coming years, have my blogging crew mansion in LA, clothing line and an Andrew Arthur. HAHAHAHAHA. If I  failed? Atleast I set my hopes and goals in life once in awhile. I did my best! Naalala ko mga teachers kapag may contest noong bata ako haha. "Kung kaya nila, kaya mo rin!" I thought it was corny pero there's a big truth in it! :D

Patricia <3